Saturday, 13 December 2014

Nerdversity 136 - An Interview with Flint Dille

Nerdversity 136 - An Interview with Flint Dille

In this episode, myself, Alex and Hayden had a chance to sit down and talk to screenwriter, game designer and novelist Flint Dille. He's best known for his writing work on Transformers, GI Joe and Inhumanoids, as well as writing the Transformers 1986 movie and Visionaries.

Outside of Sunbow, Flint Dille is perhaps best known for his work with TSR and game designing. His work for TSR includes writing the Sagard the Barbarian novels. He also worked on the Dragonstrike board game, the Terror T.R.A.X series of games and the Buck Rogers XXVc game.

Furthermore, Flint is best known for his work on writing for video games. His most famous works include Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Dead to Rights, Soviet Strike, Nuclear Strike, Tomorrow Never Dies and Batman: Rise of the Sin Tzu.

Most recently, Flint has been working on a Transformers comic trilogy, Autocracy. He's also been working on the MMO and reality geomobile game Ingress.

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