Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nerdversity 144 - The History of G.I. Joe (Part 1)

This episode was part 1 of Nerdversity's look at 50 Years of G.I. Joe. For this episode, we went right back to the very beginning. We went right back to Hasbro's attempt to cash in on Barbie's success by marketing a doll for boys and coining the term "action figure". We also take a look at the history and also real world politics that drove G.I. Joe and then the eventual downfall of "America's Moveable Fighting Man",

We then moved from the 60s and into the 70s, where we discussed the change from war to adventure. We also look at how Adventure Team impacted G.I. Joe overall and of course toylines since.  Moving across the pond, we also took a look at how G.I. Joe was handled in the UK and Europe under the Palitoy Action Man brand.

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