Monday, 15 December 2014

Nerdversity 162 - An Interview with Zack Hoffman

In this episode, myself, Alex and Katt sat down with Zack Hoffman, best known for his role of Zartan in G.I. Joe. We discuss his origins doing voice dubbing for Spanish soaps, to his stage work on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Power Tour, to G.I. Joe, his love for the Marx Brothers, his work on PeeWee's Big Adventure and of course, most recently, his one man comedy show, Tuxedo Man.

Plus: For every Joe fan out there, Zartan will end the weighty philosophical debate once and for all. Breath mint? or Candy Mint?

You can check out Zack's official page here: Zack Hoffman Official
You can find out some more info on the Power Tour here: MOTU Power Tour
You can find out more info on the Murdock Mysteries here: Murdock Mysteries

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