Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nintendo 125th Anniversary

Earlier this year, Nintendo celebrated it's 125th Anniversary. We at Nerdversity want to congratulate the Big N at this special time. So, for those that might know and some who might not, here's a run down on some facts from Nintendo's history from 1889.

  • Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo on September 23rd 1889. He called it Nintendo Koppai and was based in Kyoto. 
  • Yamauchi produced card games, the most famous of which was Hanafuda, a popular Japanese card game. Nintendo still produce Hanafuda cards to this day.
  • The closest translation of Nintendo would be "Leave Luck to Heaven"
  • In the 1950s, Nintendo moved to the United States. They not only opened up a business making cards, but they also approached Disney to allow their characters on cards.
  • Throughout the 1960s, Nintendo evolved in Japan, as well as making cards, they also made vaccum cleaners, ran a hotel chain, they also had their very own taxi service. They also had a chain of food stalls. The only survivor was the toy making division.
  • Throughout the late 60s and 70s, Nintendo hired Gunpei Yokoi. Yokoi developed a number of electronic toys for Nintendo, including an early version of the Zapper, a love tester and a programmable drum machine.
  • In 1977, Nintendo made it';s first home console, the TV Color Game. It was essentially a Pong console with 5 other games built in. They released different versions of the game with different numbers of games,
  • In 1980, Shigeru Miyamoto developed Nintendo's first arcade smash, Radar Scope, he followed it up in 1981 with Donkey Kong.
  • At the same time, Gunpei Yokoi experiments with handheld gaming after seeing bored businessmen on the train, the result is Game and Watch.
  • In 1983, Nintendo release the Famicom, their first home console based around cartridges. 
  • In 1986, the NES is released in the US and it outsells all other consoles at the time.
  • In 1988, Nintendo Power magazine was released, which sadly ceased production in december of 2012
  • Nintendo released the Game Boy in 1989 as a successor to the Game and Watch series. It used similar technology, but with swappable games
  • The Super Famicom was released in Japan in 1990, followed by releases in the US and Europe in 91 and 92 respectively
  • By 1992, Nintendo was planning to jump into the 64 bit and virtual reality markets, this project was spearheaded by Gunpei Yokoi.
  • By 1995, Nintendo was in trouble. The Virtual Boy had sunk without a trace and Sega had made the jump ahead with the Saturn.
  • Throughout the late 90s, Nintendo re-established their dominance with the Nintendo 64, the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and with Nintendo putting the Pokemon games on their Game Boy system
  • Gunpei Yokoi was sadly killed in a car accident in 1997
  • Nintendo brought out the Game Boy Advance in 2001, followed by the release of the GameCube.
  • Nintendo continued to dominate the hand held market from 2004-2008 with the DS. 
  • The Wii was launched in 2006. It remained a hugely popular system, even now
  • In 2011, Nintendo released the 3DS and in 2012, the WiiU
So there you have it folks, a brief rundown of 125 years of Nintendo. We've all had some fun on the systems Nintendo have released. We all remember the classics. So, pull out your Game Boy and play Mario Land again, or your SNES and play some Metroid. 

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