Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas Review

This is quite an obscure Christmas cartoon from 1994, and then released on DVD in 2003 through Abbey Home Entertainment in the UK and Goodtimes Home Video in the United States. It's quite short too at only 20 minutes.

It is the story of how the carol known as "The Twelve Days of Christmas" came to be. It's told from the viewpoint of the Partridge (Marcia Savella) who explains that the gallant knight Sir Carolboomer (Larry Kenney) is out to woo and win the hand in marriage of the Princess Silverbelle (Donna Vivino). Carolboomer sends his squire, Hollyberry (Phil Hartman) to the home of Silverbelle to get her Christmas list, so he can give her a gift every day for 12 days and win her heart.

However, Hollyberry steals the wrong list. Instead of Silverbelle's Christmas list, he steals the King's answer sheet for his crossword puzzle. As Carolboomer examines the list, he thinks that this will be his ticket to winning Silverbelle, so he sends Hollyberry out each and every day to get the items on the list, starting with the Partridge in the pear tree. 

So, this goes on for 12 days, as the carol goes. Hollyberry giving Silverbelle each of the gifts and each one being turned away. Plus, each day the line of the carol is sung in a different style, ranging from Michael Jackson, to doo-wop to even Elvis. 

However, on the 12th Day, Carolboomer goes with Hollyberry to give her the 12 Lords a-leaping, expecting him to have won the hand of the Princess Silverbelle, but much Carolboomer's horror, Silverbelle claims she'll be marrying Hollyberry, as he not only made her laugh, but he was persistent for 12 whole days AND he went to the effort of finding and giving her the gifts.

I found this cheap on Amazon and added it to my collection. For an obscure christmas cartoon from the 90s, it's actually very entertaining and it makes for a short family movie to watch on christmas eve or christmas day. The cast is brilliant, it's well animated and well made. I'd recommend that you pick this up.

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