Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Thunder and the House of Magic Review

Thunder and the House of Magic (or House of Magic in Europe) was released in 2014 by StudioCanal.

The movie centers around an abandoned kitten by the name of Thunder, who hides in a mansion from a storm. Cold and wet, he soon runs afoul of the inhabitants. The mansion is owned by a magician and inventor by the name of Lawrence (voiced by Doug Stone). Lawrence makes Thunder feel welcome in his home and so do most of the inhabitants, all except Jack Rabbit and Maggie the Mouse, who intend to get Thunder kicked out. However, Lawrence is enjoying Thunder's company and is even using him as a part of his magic acts.

However, this fairy tale life for Thunder doesn't last long. Lawrence is injured in a freak accident and put in the hospital. Unable to support the house anymore, his shady nephew comes into the house and decides to sell it and turn it into a parking lot. It's down to Thunder to unite the members of the mansion and save it from certain destruction. They turn the house into a Haunted Mansion, using Lawrence's magic tricks, gadgets and gizmos as weapons, plus Thunder is their new secret weapon.

Now, this movie doesn't really have the punch of say Pixar or DreamWorks, but it's still a fun and entertaining family movie that has some good voice acting and animation. I'd highly recommend that you track down this movie and give it a watch.