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Nerdversity Reviews - Legacy Megazord (Pic Heavy)

The Legacy Megazord was one of the first toys to be released under the brand new Legacy line which launched in 2013 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was released alongside the Legacy Power Morpher, which we'll be reviewing in a later blog. I want to get this out of the way now. The Legacy Megazord IS a repaint of the 2010 Disney Megazord. There are still COPYRIGHT 2009 BVS stamps on ALL the zords. 

As evident from the above picture, the Legacy Megazord (on the right) not only draws inspiration from the original 1993 Megazord, but is much smaller. The logo on the Legacy box closely matches the actual TV show logo and also features the 20th Anniversary logo, as well as the disclaimer of METALLIC PAINT and DIE CAST PARTS.

The left hand side of the box features the story of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in English, French and Spanish, plus has an advert for the Armoured Red Ranger figure. After digging a little, I found out that this is a direct reference to the original 1993 toys, especially the 6 inch action figures and the original Megazord. 

The right hand side of the box is also a throw back to the original Megazord toy box as it has the facts on the Megazord and Dinozords, as well as a little stat card on the Megazord. 

The back of the box shows off some more Megazord graphics and instructions on how to form both the Megazord and Tank modes. Some nice graphics here and what appears to be a nice nod to the original toy. 

As far as I know, the top of the box is entirely new in terms of graphics. It has a nice picture of the Megazord toy with the LEGACY MEGAZORD in gold letters, with graphics of the Power Rangers underneath and obviously the TV show logo.

The Megazord comes almost fully assembled in a cardboard tray. The arms are connected to the Megazord via Zord Builder, which yes, does mean that this Megazord can combine with any other Megazord that also has Zord Builder functionality. The parts fit nicely in the tray and have their own little areas that are clearly visible when you remove the parts. Not pictured is the instruction sheet and the decals sheet. Sadly, the zords are all unstickered, aside from factory applied ones. 

In the box, we have the Megazord and it's arms, Pterodactyl feet/guns, Power Sword in solid vac metallised plastic and a mastodon shield. 

Here's the Megazord fully assembled with the sword and shield. Now, lets look at the zords individually.

Lets start at the beginning. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Zord. Nicely detailed and stands about 6 inches tall or so. He has articulation in the head, mouth, arms, tail, knees and ankles. The zord is mostly plastic, but has die cast metal thighs. Plus, as you can see, it has the knee pegs as zord builder parts. 

With a little bit of movement and some balancing, you can have the Tyrannosaurus doing the Seismic Blast or Tyranno Sonic as it was known in Zyuranger.

The paint apps are nice and with the stickers, it looks as if it stepped right out of the TV show.

Next up, we have the Mastodon, which doesn't have any decals to apply, as they're all factory applied. The diecast metal parts are on the arm pieces, the rest is all plastic. The paint apps again are nice and like with the Tyrannosaurus, looks just like it did in the TV show, complete with the lighter grey face, trunk and tusks,

There isn't much to say with the Triceratops zord. The tail cannon is unpainted diecast metal that raises and lowers. The head moves up and down as well. Sadly, there's no wheels on the underside, unlike other incarnations. There are painted wheels on the treads, but they don't move. 

The Sabre Tooth Tiger zord is largely the same as the Triceratops zord. The tail cannon raises and lowers, the back legs fold into the body and the front legs fold forward. The teeth can rotate and the head raises and lowers. Aside from that, it's a pretty accurate paint job to the TV series. Again, only the tail is diecast, the rest is plastic

The last individual zord is the Pterodactyl. The red chest on the Pterodactyl is die cast metal, while the rest is plastic. The zord balances firmly on the feet and even lays down well. Not really much else to say.

All the Zords together, before they form:

Dino Tanker mode from Zyuranger, or simply Tank Mode in the United States. 

Finally, here's a picture of the 93 and the 2010/2013 megazord side by side. 

In all honesty, I picked up the Legacy Megazord for dirt cheap in the Toys R Us sale. I was impressed with it. There's a nice amount of detailing on it that sets it apart from the other ones. Plus, it looks exactly how it should, compared to the TV show. The decals are amazing, It feels nice and weighty, thanks to all that die cast. 

If you can find the original Legacy Megazord for cheap enough on the secondary market, I'd pick it up. Or you can wait till later this year to get the new version of the Legacy Megazord from Entertainment Earth.

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