Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nerdversity Reviews - Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger

Released in 2014, as part of the "Tommy" Wave, or wave 2 of Legacy, the Dragon Dagger hit store shelves alongside the Legacy Dragonzord, Legacy Titanus and the Legacy Green/White Power Morpher, which was gold front and had both the Green and White Power coins in it, though reviews of those will be coming soon. 

The Dragon Dagger is huge and is approximately 18 inches long from blade tip to end of the handle. Yes, that is true, your eyes are NOT deceiving you. That really is REAL 24 karat gold on the dagger. The flute parts on the blade are gold plated, the mouthpiece tube is gold plated, the keys are gold plated, the on and off switch is gold plated, the Dragon Coin emblems are gold plated,  and finally, the key parts and end of the grip are gold plated as well. 

The box features some nice graphics of the Green Ranger playing the dagger and some nice box art of Dragonzord in the background

The back of the box has some more pictures of the dagger as well as the key functions. The majority of the dagger is hard plastic, as well as the mouthpiece. The grey blade is made of a slightly more rubbery plastic, for safety reasons. It feels good in the hand, nice and weighty, though the keys get in the way of the proper grip. 

To activate the Dragon Dagger, you flick the switch on the underside upwards, which makes a clashing sound and the sound of thunder. If you push the keys in this form, you get a variety of sword clashing sound effects. If you want to access the other sounds, you need to push down on the mouthpiece, then push the keys. 

If you were to look at it from behind, as in the mouthpiece facing you, the left button makes the "SUMMON DRAGONZORD" call. The middle button plays the Power Rangers TV theme, complete with vocals. The the right hand button plays the other Dragonzord call, mainly used for Healing, Command and Finger Missiles. 

At the 2014 SDCC convention, Bandai sold an exclusive version of the Dragon Dagger. Looks wise and features wise, it's exactly the same as the standard Legacy release, however, the SDCC exclusive is almost entirely gold plated, has a display box and also comes with a screen accurate black leather sheath for the dagger. 

Before we wrap this up, here's a picture of the Legacy Dagger next to the 1993 original.

As you can see, much larger and definitely more screen accurate. Like with the Legacy Megazord, it looks as if it stepped right out the TV and into your hand. Also, like all the Legacy props, it has an age rating of 15+, meaning it's an adult replica collectable and not really aimed at children

You can find this at TRU, both in store and on their website, it's also available on the secondary market, however, this can be expensive. But, we have heard and seen that the Dragon Dagger is being released later this year through Entertainment Earth.

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