Monday, 2 February 2015

Video Game Console Review: Hyperkin Supaboy

What is the Hyperkin Supaboy? It is a portable handheld clone of the Super Nintendo hardware, the machine features a 3.5 inch LCD screen, rechargeable Li-On  Battery, Stereo Sound and the ability to play not just games from the USA but also Japanese Super Famicom and a small selection of PAL SNES games yes that'ss right this machine takes real carts.

So on to the main part of the review, on the face of the console we have all the buttons that you come to expect from the SNES D-pad, Face and Trigger buttons, the D pad does not have much give but seemed to get better after a few rounds of Street Fighter but it does feel slightly mushy, through thankfully not 2DS Dpad mushy, the buttons do the job fine, but i found that the B button was sticking, but that was on my unit, and at the time of writing i have seemed to have fixed the problem, the sound for the most part is not bad at all, through so some reason there is a slight buzzing sound in the background at louder volume, but i found it not to be so bad when using headphones.

Another features this machine brings to the table include, being able to use the included AV lead to hook the Superboy up to a TV and play it on the TV as if it was a actual SNES system to the point of the console itself even having 2 controller ports on the face of the unit so you can use SNES controllers through i found out controllers will only work when using the AV lead but least the picture quality is not too bad through you do still get the buzzing i have talked bout, but the buzzing only seems at it's worst when there is no music playing to be honest it's the only thing i can say Hyperkin got wrong with this machine.

So the question I think folk are going to ask me will be, "should I bother to buy this machine?" that all depends the Supaboy is a well built machine considering the buzzing sound which seems to be the only chink in the console's armour, in a nutshell if you want a machine that saves you having to own both Japanese and US hardware i'd say go for, but if you are the kind of person who wants the true experience of the SNES/Super Famicom this machine is 100% not for you.

I award the Hyperkin Supaboy a 7.5 out of 10, it was so nearly an 8 honest but that buzzing and the short battery life of two and a half hours that slightly let the machine down, but if you look past these floors, the other thing that saved this review for the Supaboy is that yes you can use Super FX games on the console so you can at least play Starfox on the move!

This has been a review for the Nerdversity101 website written by Steve Burrow, catch you next time for another gaming releated review