Friday, 6 March 2015

Nerdversity Reviews - Mighty Morphin Power Con exclusive Turbo Falcon Megazord

As some of our listeners may be aware, I was at Mighty Morphin Power Con over the weekend of the 20th-22nd Feb. There is a huge 2 part podcast coming soon of my review, but anyway, lets get into this review.

The Turbo Falcon Megazord has already been released for over a year now in the United States, but thankfully, those awesome guys at A1 Toys have gotten their hands on the toy and are releasing it for general sale as an exclusive through them/

Turbo Falcon Megazord - Only £40

I picked up mine with an exclusive slip case from Power Con for £35. 

The box is exactly the same as the US release from 2013, which even includes a link to the Super Megaforce Key Scanner app (which no longer works) and an expired sweepstake for American customers to enter and win a part in Super Megaforce.

Now: a short review of the exclusive slip case that you got from buying the toy at the convention:.

The front of the slip case features a nice graphic of Red, Blue and Green, with a large Super Megaforce Logo. Some people have complained that there's only the three male rangers and no females. I have no idea why this graphic was chosen, but I do agree an all 6 member team would have been a great picture to have on the front of the box.

The back of the slip case features a nice graphic of the Mighty Morphin Power Con logo and a large and blank space for you to get autographs from the guests at the convention.

One minor annoyance before we get into the review itself is that Cameron Jebo was supposed to attend but had to pull out, so it seems a little strange having a Super MegaForce exclusive toy and no actor from the series to sign it.

Now, onto the boxed figure:

The front of the box has a nice large window in it that shows the Megazord in it's robot form and it also comes with a "driver" in the form of RPM Red key. It also shows off pictures of the robot mode and the vehicle mode. So, even if you don't own any other Super MegaForce megazords, you can still have plenty of play value with a single megazord that transforms from robot to car and back again.

Although the box doesn't show you, the Megazord breaks down into it's component parts. The legs, arms, front axle, arms/wings, head/cockpit, spoiler and chest shield. It doesn't come with any weapons, so don't expect any swords or anything.

The back of the box features some more pictures of the Turbo Falcon in both it's modes, plus the gimmick feature of this toy. If you insert the RPM Red key into the cockpit and push it forward, it activates a pull back and go style motor which gives off a rumble and an engine style noise. There are NO batteries for the toy. There's also a guide to which other Megazords in the Super Megaforce toyline that Turbo Falcon can combine with, plus at the bottom, there's a COLLECT THEM ALL graphic, showing off all the Ranger keys you can buy.

Now, lets take a look at the actual Turbo Falcon itself:

The Megazord stands at roughly 1/6th scale, like all the current megazords and in the legacy line, so about 11-12 inches from head to toe. After doing some research, this robot form is actually toy only, so it never appears in Super MegaForce or Gokaiger.

Articulation is practically non-existant. You have some arm and elbow and that's about it. 

Bandai keep the pirate motif from Gokaiger on the head and chest plate of the Megazord, as evident by the gold Skull and Crossbones being evident on the hat and chest. However, I do like the logo, as they've incorporated a key into the skull. 

The vehicle mode is where the RPM/Go-Onger references really take shape.

Straight away, the references to RPM/Go-Onger become more apparent. He's a formula 1 car, based around Eagle Racer, sharing the same paint scheme, the eagle eyes, the nose looking like a beak and as you'll see better later on, the RPM 1 insignia being seen on the rear spoiler. 

Underneath the eye of the Eagle, you can see another Gokaiger/Super MegaForce insigna, tying the series together

The references continue.

The gimmick only works in vehicle mode. But before we can get to that, there's a nice Go-Onger logo on the back of the megazord's head, which forms the cockpit shield.

The gimmick of this Megazord is that when you insert a ranger key into the cockpit, which in this case is RPM Red, which also works with the Legendary Morpher, which is also a good thing if you didn't get the RPM set, it activates the rumble feature. Pushing the Turbo Falcon across a floor will make it rumble and shake, as well as the pull back and go style motor making a noise that somewhat resembles an engine roaring.

Now, I'm not really an expert on the show, but I did do some research and in the TV show, Doctor K had built this for the RPM rangers, but it was too wild and uncontrollable. Turbo Falcon was put into storage and was later found by the Super MegaForce rangers who tamed the megazord and put him to use in several episodes.

As an adult power rangers fan, I found this megazord to be rather OK. It's not the greatest and best, like a lot would say, but it's a great toy for the kids, it has loads of play value in it's 2 modes and if you have the Legendary Megazord or the Q-Rex Megazord from the Super megaforce, then the play value increases. 

I would recommend this primarily for PR fans with kids. I feel they'd get more out of this than adult collectors, but I'm sure a lot of adult collectors who collect megazords and fans of Super Megaforce would enjoy this too.

One other thing I should note: Turbo Falcon is also part of the Zord Builder line, so you can also use parts from this megazord and use it with the other megazords, including Legacy Megazord, Tigerzord and Dragonzord. 

As I said earlier, if you live in the UK and are interested in getting the Megazord, go to A1 toys at the link below to purchase the megazord, without the slip case for £40, what a bargain.