Friday, 10 April 2015

Life After Flash

Nerdversity was proud and honoured to interview Sam Jones a while back about his career and one of the things we discussed was his documentary movie, Life After Flash. For a start, if you missed that interview, then you can check it out here. Wow, can you believe that was episode 73? We also promoted the kickstarter, which sadly failed, but coming this July, Life After Flash is making a storming return. You can check out their official Facebook here and the trailer for the movie on Vimeo here

As for Flash Gordon itself, we're still enthralled by the impact that Flash Gordon has had on pop culture over the last 35 years. It's still a movie that fans across the globe know and love and still love. Who doesn't get excited when we hear that drum and bass line, followed by the FLASH! AHHH-AHHH! The movie is suitably colourful and cheesy, well reflecting Alex Raymond's cartoon strips and the Buster Crabbe serials of the 1930s. 

When we interviewed Sam back in february, we were enthralled by the stories he told us and at how nice he was. I really cannot wait to meet Sam in person, should he attend any UK conventions. I think that all we can really say here at Nerdversity is: GORDON'S ALIVE! 

When Life After Flash debuts again in July, we'll be helping Sam promote and we urge all of our fans and listeners to check out the Kickstarter and join in.