Monday, 15 June 2015

Fun House at the Fradley Arms

Before we get into the report, a little information on Fun House for those who might not have known about it. Fun House started in 1989 on the ITV, my research has shown that it was a British made adaptation of the American Fun House, that ran on Fox TV from 1988-1991. The host was JD Roth and featured the cheerleaders in Sammi and and Jacki.

Other than being made in the US, the format for both shows is largely the same, messy and wacky games, culminating in a go-kart race and the winning team running the titular Fun House to win prizes, however in the US version, the winners also received a cash prize. For anyone interested in watching the show can check it out here.

Anyway, back to the British version. The show ran from 1989-1999 on ITV and became a very popular show and was watched by practically every schoolchild in the country, so much so that many children would write in in the hopes they'd be picked for the show, but sadly, it was down to the producers of the show who picked children from schools across the country.

The show was hosted by Pat Sharp, who many people would probably know from his work as a DJ at Radio 1 during the early to mid 80s, as well as hosting Top of the Pops. He was joined by the cheerleading twins in Melanie and Martina Grant.

You can view a full episode of Fun House from the 1997 season here.

On the 20th May, it was announced via social media and across the internet that Fun House would be returning for a one off event at the Fradley Arms, near Lichfield. Of course, being the massive pop culture fans that we are, Nerdversity registered our interest and on Saturday 13th June, we were there. 

Despite the weather being damp, spirits were not as fans and contestants were ushered into the Wacky Warehouse to take part in filming of the show, which will be condensed into a 3-5 minute short on YouTube coming soon. Stay tuned to Nerdversity to see that, as we will be prepping for it. Fans were treated to a return of many classic games, including a question session, a build-a-burger relay,a gunging for the losers and finally, the winners taking a run through the Fun House to win some awesome prizes, plus a family holiday to Florida. Fans of all ages were watching, cheering and enjoying themselves and to be honest, with the return of Knightmare and The Crystal Maze alongside Fun House's return, many people were feeling Nostalgic, like we'd taken a trip back to the early 90s 

Now, I was lucky enough to get a quick interview with Pat during the breaks in filming, which you can find here and I;ll leave you with a one of my favourite pictures from the day

On a final note, I just want to say thank you to Fayre and Square pubs for putting on such an epic event, as well as the production company responsible. I also want to thank them for allowing Nerdversity press access to the event.