Monday, 31 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Mask collection

Released as part of the first ever wave in 2013 and initially revealed at SDCC, the Mask Collection is a unique addition to the Legacy line. Based off the Super Sentai Mask Collection, which featured an abundance of Sentai helmets and masks from the past 35 years. This collection is a rather small one, based around the MMPR Brand. The front of the box has a nice open window with which to see all 6 masks and the stand.

The side of the box is where it opens. There's a nice graphic of the MMPR Logo and the 6 helmets.

The masks are on a group stand with the individual coins and the ranger names underneath them, Many fans were divided on this, as some liked the group nature of the helmets on one stand, whereas some wanted them on individual stands.

The detailing on the helmets is incredible for a small item like this. There's painted on panel lines and small details like the dragon;s teeth and t-rex teeth are painted as well.

The helmets do indeed pop off their stands and it's not uncommon to find them on the secondary market or even in stores with the helmets popped off. A little super glue could fix the issue. 

Would I recommend this set? Maybe, it's a little too niche for many collectors, especially when the line has been filled with Megazords, Morphers and weapons. It could make a good desk display in the home or office, if you so wished. The detailing is nice and it is unique for the Legacy toyline. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Titanus

The final of the zords, released in 2013, alongside the Green Tommy wave, Titanus is an entirely new mold much like the Dragonzord before it. It's the last piece fans were waiting for to make an all new Legacy Ultrazord.

The box is the longest out the three, but is the same height as both the Megazord and Dragonzord boxes, When placed infront, Titanus is a hair shorter than the top of the box meaning he's about 10 inches from head to toe. 

Inside the box, we have:

  • chestplate
  • Titanus body
  • Titanus head and neck
  • Tail/cannons
  • chain
  • claws
  • knee supports
Due to the fact this Titanus is all new, he doesn't have the electronic of the 1993 version, nor does it have the Mix N Morph gimmick of the 2010 version either.

Just some comparison shots of Titanus in the standard form and the battle form. 

The 93 version is much larger than the original, but that's only really because of the electronics to make it move. Plus the Legacy version on the left is actually show accurate to the MMPR/Zyuranger model. The neck has all new articulation too, so you can get some good new poses out of it too.

A shot of the Legacy Ultrazord. Yes, the Mega Dragonzord is the most awkward form, but looks great in combined form. There are knee supports to help with the weight of everything inside the back. The only problem is with the toy is that it's still very top heavy. There's die cast in the paws, chest plate for the Megazord and the tail cannon tips. Plus it's a great place to store the the Dragonzord tail.

If you're interested in making the Ultrazord, I highly recommend the Legacy Titanus, otherwise it's skippable. 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Legacy Megazord (Black and Gold Limited Edition)

Released last month, the Black and Gold Megazord is the latest toy to be released. When it dropped on my doorstep this morning, I knew I had to review it

Imported direct from the US, the front of the box follows on from the traditional Megazord box seen on the original Legacy Megazord. It's also a throwback to the original box. (seen below). There's a nice action shot of the Megazord and all 5 zords beneath it.

As mentioned above, here's the 1993 Black and Gold Megazord box and you can see the similarities and throwbacks.

The back of the box shows the Megazord and all 5 individual zords, plus Dino Tanker and a new look Ultrazord. It's bright, colourful and has some nice action shots of all the zords, the Megazord, Dragonzord, Titanus and the Ultrazord, even the Dino Tanker.

The side of the box features a nice graphic of the rangers in a greyscale colour, as well as the MMPR logo, which has a splash of colour on the lightning bolt, which really makes it stand out. It also has the backstory to the MMPR TV series.

The other side of the box has an origin story to the zords, lifted straight out of the 1993 and Legacy Megazord boxes. The stats card on the bottom is the same. Though this time, the Megazord is greyscale like the rangers on the side. It features the same colour splash logo as the other side. 

The top flap of the box shows off the same Megazord graphic with the same colour splash logo and a big LEGACY MEGAZORD logo with the greyscale rangers underneath, Many have said the Megazord looks kinda evil in this picture and I'd agree.

Not much on the bottom of the box. Just some copyright information and a small graphic showing what's in it. 

Inside the box, we have an exact same layout as previously with the Megazord. it's laid in a cardboard tray in robot mode. The arms are detatched and on the sides, you have space for the Power Sword, cannons and Mammoth shield. Also included is an instruction sheet. No stickers this time, all labels have been pre-applied in the factory.

The enclosed instruction sheet is pretty much the same one that comes with the Dino Megazord. The only difference I noticed is that the instructions for Mega Dragonzord, Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and Ultrazord are not present on this sheet

The Power Sword is the same thinner handled sword from the original release, not the remodeled one from the EE exclusive.

The Mammoth Shield features all new paint and gold colouring on the tusks. 

If you already own the 2010 Disney Megazord or the Legacy Megazord, then you already know what you're getting. It's exactly the same, just now in a black paint scheme with gold detailing. The die cast on some parts is also gold coloured. 

Close up of the new look Megazord paint job

The Zords look great in their new paint schemes. The colours match and blend perfectly. Rather than being a new paint scheme, they could be considered an evil copy of the Dino Megazord.

Dino Tanker Mode

As it's just been released, you should be able to find it in your local Toys R Us Store in the United States or even via TRU mail order. UK fans can either import now or wait till September, when this megazord hits UK TRU stores. 

Would I recommend it? yes and no to be honest. Its a fantastic paint job and is well worth it's place on anyone;s toy shelf, but then again, it depends on how much you liked the original Megazord and whether or not the $60 repaint is worth it in your opinion. If it is, go get it. you won't be disappointed. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Dragonzord

Released in July 2014, Legacy Dragonzord was released in Wave 2, alongside the Green Tommy wave, which also featured the Dragon Dagger, Gold Team Morpher, Titanus and the 5 inch figures. 

The front of the box is almost identical to the original 1993 toy. There are new additions in the LEGACY DRAGONZORD logo and the 11 inches picture. The box features the new version, rather than the 93 toy.

The side of the box has the story of Power Rangers in relation to the TV show. There's a nice graphic of the rangers that's also featured on other toys.

The back of the box has a nice action shot of the Dragonzord and combination pictures of the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and Mega Dragonzord. It also features the story of the Dragonzord in relation to the TV show

Like the Megazord, it has a data file card. It's a reference to the original 1993 toy, which also had the same data card. 

The inside of the box is the same cardboard insert that was featured with all the other zords. The accessories included are: 11" tail, tail top, two sets of hands and the staff. There's also a set of instructions. As all the details are tampographed on this time, there are no stickers to put on. 

Dragonzord stands a whopping 11 inches from the tip of the crest to the bottom of his feet. He's also 11" inches long in the tail. He features two pairs of hands. One of which is a relaxed pair and the other is fingers extended in Missile Launching pose. If you have owned the Dragonzord toy before, he transforms exactly the same way, despite being an all new mold. 

Unlike the original toy's tail, the Legacy version is completely articulated and can be posed in the familiar drill or even whipping position. 

Megazord and Dragonzord together.

Dragonzord with the "Missile Launching" hands

Dragonzord forms nicely and easily into Dragonzord in Fighting/Battle/Warrior mode, or as Jason often referred to in the show, Mega Dragonzord, which is incorrect. 

The Power Staff/Dragon Staff is so huge when combined with the tail and shield, that it's barely possible to fit all 14 inches of it into frame, but the Dragonzord looks great holding it.

The Mega Dragonzord is by far the most awkward of all the three modes to get right. It takes a lot of fiddling and makes the Dragonzord very top heavy. I hope the 2015 reissue from EE fixes this. 

Although the box doesn't state it, the Dragonzord is part of the Zord Builder Line, so it can also be broken down to base parts and the parts used with any other megazord which is also part of Zord Builder. 

Side by side comparison of 1993 vs. 2013

1993 vs. Legacy - Fighting Mode

Legacy vs, 1993 - Mega Dragonzord

In all honesty, Bandai really knocked the ball out the park when they released Legacy Dragonzord. It was a great update on the original 1993 toy. Despite the lack of electronic sounds, the increased articulation and detail really makes up for it. The Mega Dragonzord is the weakest of all three modes and could have done with some extra engineering to make it work better with the Legacy Megazord, but the standard mode and the Fighting Mode make up for this shortfall. However, that's just our opinion and as usual, your mileage may vary.

Would I recommend this to people? absolutely yes, If you can find it cheap on the secondary market or wait for the EE reissue, then yes. Or if you live in the UK, go through A1 toys and get it. It'd look great on any shelf. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy White Tigerzord

Legacy Tigerzord was released in April 2014 to much fanfare and applause. Part of wave 3 and the White Ranger line, Tigerzord was the first to be released and it roared it's way out the gate.

The front of the box is pretty standard fare and is pretty much identical to previous releases. Large MMPR logo on the front. LEGACY WHITE TIGZERZORD in big gold letters and action shots of the White Tigerzord in tiger and warrior modes. 

The back of the box shows off the same stock images of the Tigerzord in both modes and the same stock photo of White Ranger seen on Saba and the Gold Team Morpher. It also has the write up of the Tigerzord in relation to the TV series.

Inside the box, we have a standard cardboard insert where the zord sites, which has been reused for all the zords and some other legacy stuff so far. As well as the sword/tail and an instruction sheet which shows how to transform it and combine with the other zords

Unlike the Megazord, which is a repaint of the 2010 Disney Megazord, the Tigerzord is an entirely new mold, same as Titanus and Dragonzord. This time, it's completely show accurate and has entirely new articulation in the legs, arms, shoulders and hands, allowing some dynamic and show accurate poses.

As the Tigerzord uses Zord Builder, it can be combined with the Dino Megazord for some interesting modes. It can also be combined with any other Megazord or toy using the Zord Builder function, which allows for some really interesting and unique combinations. 

While not the same mold, the Legacy and 94 versions are almost identical and are practically the same size. One of the key differences between the two molds is that the Legacy version lacks the lights and sounds, as well as omitting the smaller ranger and the white power crystal that came with all the original 1994 Thunderzords. Many of the details on the Legacy version are now either molded on and painted on, rather than being stickers. It's entirely show accurate and now actually features the orbs stuck in place and one in the mouth. The orbs were loose on the 1994 toy and it's not uncommon to find one that's missing the orbs.

Comparison of the tiger modes

Comparison of Mega Tigerzord Modes

Would I recommend this toy to fans and collectors? absolutely. Bandai have done a fantastic job of updating Power Rangers season 1 and 2 thus far. The morphers have been fantastic and so have the zords. I am really looking forward to seeing how Bandai update the upcoming Blade Blaster and Thunder Megazord. 

You can still find the Tigerzord in Toys R Us Stores in the US and through A1 toys in the UK. I'd recommend picking it up if you're a fan of Zords or are part of JDF's Tommy Fanclub.