Friday, 7 August 2015

NECA Castlevania figures Part 1

 In June/July 2011 action figure company NECA released a set of 7 figures (Technically 8 but one was an unreleased prototype) based around Castlevania (Simon Belmont) and Symphony of the Night (Succubus, Alucard and Dracula).

The figures came out, if I remember right, around the time that the Dracula X Chronicles compilation game came out on the PSP. Each figure came in a clear box with artwork inserts around them and a few accessories. Alongside the regular figures were 4 variants. Succubus had a yellow skinned undead variant, Simon had a clear variant based on him being under the effects of the Invincibility Jar, Dracula had a closed mouth variant and Alucard had a variant based on his SOTN artwork where he had white hair (unreleased prototype). But enough talk about the other figures and the variants. Have a look at the first one in this series of reviews the mistress of disguises, sex and lust herself. The Succubus.

Just to provide a little backstory here. The Succubus has been in several games but her big debut was in Symphony of the night as a hidden boss. In the fight you are taken to the dream world and get to relive the execution of Alucard's mother, Lisa. But plot twist reveals that the woman being executed is in fact the Succubus herself using the execution to taunt Alucard with. Soon after the deception is dropped and the fight begins with her being quite agile as well as having quite a few attacks. Including a sneaky one from her wings that can catch you off guard if you don't see it coming. Though she telegraphs it very easy so it is simple to avoid unless you're too high in the air . But the battle eventually ends with her being stuck the dream world (where the battle occurs) forever to wander as Alucard states that death would be too good for her. Oh and by the way the sounds she makes during the ending sequence while being sent to the dream world make it sound like her world is being rocked.

Sadly once she's sent to the dream world this would be the last time we see her as a boss until the release of Lament of Innocence on the PS2. The figure is based upon this version of the demoness and also had a bit of controversy behind its release. She's 7" tall and her wings are almost as tall. The wings are blackish brown but somewhat see through. She wears a purple corset and black thong alongside purplish black thigh high boots as well as black mesh armsleeves and choker. Speaking of her corset, this is where the earlier mentioned controversy comes in. When this figure was first released as a colored prototype her breasts were fully exposed (nipples and all) like her in game sprite and artwork (which was censored in the stateside release of Castlevania Chronicles on the PSOne).

 Before she was actually released NECA superglued bra cups onto the figure. These parts can be removed but you risk damaging the figure. She comes with 2 accessories, a fleaman and the axe (Belmont Clan subweapon, which you have to buy all the figures to get the full subweapon set). The figure's articulation leaves a lot to be desired. Her arms move 90 degrees but are stuck outstretched. Her head can move a little but due to the long hair is stuck in a odd looking down angle and her wings block any further movement, legs don't move at all (luckily the other figures have some better articulation). She's also stuck in this odd leaning standing pose that if you don't have a good base for her to be on then she'll topple over. Also my figure seems to be a mix of the flesh colored one (by the looks of her head and arms) and pale skinned variant (torso). Even with its flaws I love the look of this figure and as soon as I can get the others the reviews for them will go up.