Saturday, 8 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Gold Team Morpher

Released in 2013, straight after the original Legacy Morpher, the Gold Team Morpher hit first at SDCC 2013, followed by a Toys R Us release. This is the famous morpher used by Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank) and it features both the Dragon and White Tiger coins.

The back of the box shows the morpher in the buckle with both coins and a short blurb on the origins of the Dragon Coins and White Tiger coins in relation to the show. I won't go into the full details on the blurb, as any PR fan knows that Rita created the Green coin and Zordon created the white coin.

The side of the box shows stock images of both Green and White Rangers, though given the fact that it's clearly the hard shield in the picture and the Dagger sheath is on the left hip, this is a stock photo of Burai. 

The morpher is identical to the Legacy Power Morpher in every detail. The only difference is the front plates are in the show accurate gold colouring and the coins even have the same antique brass wash, which is the TRU RETAIL version. The SDCC coins were flat gold coloured, like the 1993 toy. All the same features are present. Hold down the black button on the side for a few seconds and it plays the same Instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme. 

The SDCC was released first and was released alongside the solid gold Dragon Dagger, which I menioned in an earlier review. In an interesting note, the SDCC box is the exact same as the European version, just with the antique coins in the box instead. It makes me wonder if Bandai has some overstock

The American Box is much different and has a close up of the Green and White Ranger helmets Otherwise, it's the same morpher and coins. The sides are the same and the write ups are the same on the back of the box.

As someone who prefers props and morphers to Megazords, I thoroughly enjoyed this twin pack. Although I wouldn't mind the SDCC version, I prefer the antiqued coins better. I would highly recommend this set to anyone who has a PR collection. It would look great on any Tommy or MMPR themed shelf alongside the Dragonzord, White Tigerzord and the Dragon Dagger.