Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Legacy Megazord (Black and Gold Limited Edition)

Released last month, the Black and Gold Megazord is the latest toy to be released. When it dropped on my doorstep this morning, I knew I had to review it

Imported direct from the US, the front of the box follows on from the traditional Megazord box seen on the original Legacy Megazord. It's also a throwback to the original box. (seen below). There's a nice action shot of the Megazord and all 5 zords beneath it.

As mentioned above, here's the 1993 Black and Gold Megazord box and you can see the similarities and throwbacks.

The back of the box shows the Megazord and all 5 individual zords, plus Dino Tanker and a new look Ultrazord. It's bright, colourful and has some nice action shots of all the zords, the Megazord, Dragonzord, Titanus and the Ultrazord, even the Dino Tanker.

The side of the box features a nice graphic of the rangers in a greyscale colour, as well as the MMPR logo, which has a splash of colour on the lightning bolt, which really makes it stand out. It also has the backstory to the MMPR TV series.

The other side of the box has an origin story to the zords, lifted straight out of the 1993 and Legacy Megazord boxes. The stats card on the bottom is the same. Though this time, the Megazord is greyscale like the rangers on the side. It features the same colour splash logo as the other side. 

The top flap of the box shows off the same Megazord graphic with the same colour splash logo and a big LEGACY MEGAZORD logo with the greyscale rangers underneath, Many have said the Megazord looks kinda evil in this picture and I'd agree.

Not much on the bottom of the box. Just some copyright information and a small graphic showing what's in it. 

Inside the box, we have an exact same layout as previously with the Megazord. it's laid in a cardboard tray in robot mode. The arms are detatched and on the sides, you have space for the Power Sword, cannons and Mammoth shield. Also included is an instruction sheet. No stickers this time, all labels have been pre-applied in the factory.

The enclosed instruction sheet is pretty much the same one that comes with the Dino Megazord. The only difference I noticed is that the instructions for Mega Dragonzord, Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and Ultrazord are not present on this sheet

The Power Sword is the same thinner handled sword from the original release, not the remodeled one from the EE exclusive.

The Mammoth Shield features all new paint and gold colouring on the tusks. 

If you already own the 2010 Disney Megazord or the Legacy Megazord, then you already know what you're getting. It's exactly the same, just now in a black paint scheme with gold detailing. The die cast on some parts is also gold coloured. 

Close up of the new look Megazord paint job

The Zords look great in their new paint schemes. The colours match and blend perfectly. Rather than being a new paint scheme, they could be considered an evil copy of the Dino Megazord.

Dino Tanker Mode

As it's just been released, you should be able to find it in your local Toys R Us Store in the United States or even via TRU mail order. UK fans can either import now or wait till September, when this megazord hits UK TRU stores. 

Would I recommend it? yes and no to be honest. Its a fantastic paint job and is well worth it's place on anyone;s toy shelf, but then again, it depends on how much you liked the original Megazord and whether or not the $60 repaint is worth it in your opinion. If it is, go get it. you won't be disappointed.