Friday, 7 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher

Released in 2013 as part of the first wave of Power Rangers Legacy, The Power Morpher is one of the quintessential props from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The box is a very reminiscent of the original 1993 packaging, however, unlike the original 1993 toy, this item comes boxed on it's own, rather than with the Blade Blaster, or Gun/Sword as it was known back then.

The back of the box shows off the morpher and the contents, which is the 5 coins and a holster used in the show. Plus an origin story of the Morpher and the power coins. 

As for a small comparison, the above image shows the scale between the Legacy on the left and the 93 original on the right. It's much larger and designed for more adult hands, rather than a child's. It also features more show accurate detailing and logo around the coin holder.

Though to be fair, while yes, it is the Mighty Morphin Morpher, it is actually based on the 1991 Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Dino Buckler, as the back of the morpher has Zyuranger insignia on the back, which doubles as the coin release button. Simply push it in and the coin pops, allowing you to switch between the different coins. 

The Morpher can sit in the morpher in either Zyuranger or even PR style in the holster, which can be attached to the user's belt. To activate the special features, pull down the black handle on the back, flick the switch to hear the classic Communicator chirp from MMPR and then push the black button on the side to back the morpher pop open and play a a short morphing sequence sound effect. Hold it in for a few more seconds to hear a small rendering of the instrumental MMPR theme while the red LEDs flash in time to the music, The handle and the faceplate are die cast metal

The coins themselves are about 2 inches across and are solid diecast. They have an antique style wash on them which brings out the details on all the coins, unlike the original coins that were all one colour in solid plastic.

I really like this morpher. It's a nice tribute to the show and the original morpher toy. I'd highly recommend it to any fan or collector who could get enjoyment out of it either as a cosplay prop, a display piece or just keep it in the box. If you can find one at a decent price, pick it up.