Monday, 10 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher (White Movie Edition)

The last of the Power Morphers from Bandai in the Power Rangers Legacy line. Released in July 2014. This one is based on the Morpher from the 1995 Power Rangers movie. The outside box is pretty much the same as the previous ones, especially the Gold Team Morpher, a larger window that displays the open Morpher and the coins displayed in windows as well.

The top of the box follows on from the previous themeing of the movie poster and logo. I like the addition of the POWER MORPHER logo inside a film strip.

The back of the box shows off the open Morpher like the other boxes and the 2 coins it comes with. This time a repaint of the Tiger Coin and an all new Falcon coin. 

The contents of the box are the same as usual. This time the holster is all white and the morpher has all red banding around the coin and white lightning bolts instead of black. The features are exactly the same. The only new change is the highly polished chrome on the front of the morpher, giving a very mirrored effect.

The details on the back are much sparser than on previous morphers. Gone are the colorful stickers on the handle, it has just a plain white sticker and silver backplate.

The morpher has both of Tommy's coins and powers from the movie, the White Tiger, which was destroyed in the movie and the Falcon powers which he received from the Ninjetti temple. The morpher in the buckle thrust outwards is the accurate morphing pose, complete with a shout of WHITE TIGER!

A comparison of the two White Tiger coins. The movie coin on the left and the retail Gold Team on the right, which shows the Movie based coins are solid gold coloured and don't have any antiquing, but it could be done if a customiser so wished. 

This pretty much wraps up Nerdversity's look at all 3 Legacy Power Morphers. As a collector and fan, I really like these props. They look great on any shelf, whether in box or loose, for any display. If you can find these at a decent price on the secondary market, or are indeed lucky enough to find them in your local Toys R Us, I'd recommend picking them up. For adult fans, these are really good replicas.