Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Saba The Talking Tiger Saber

Released April 2014, Legacy Saba was one of the most recent items released in the line. It was released alongside the rest of the White Ranger items in wave 3, which included White Tigerzord, Saba, White Movie Morpher and the Movie edition 5" figures.

The back of the box is very similar to the Dragon Dagger box in that it has a picture of the Legacy Saba fully extended and has a rundown of the features, stock image of the White Ranger that was featured on the Gold Team Morpher Box and a brief history of Saba and the White Ranger that ties into the TV series. 

The top of the box features a nice graphic of the Season 2 Rangers with the logos for MMPR and LEGACY SABA THE TALKING TIGER SABER. Plus a nice action shot of Saba.

The box interior is pretty bland. It has a cardboard interior with the sword sitting ontop of a sheet of plastic with a clear plastic sleeve over the top. It also comes with an instruction sheet telling you how to access all the features and how to replace the batteries if you ever need to. There are batteries pre installed. In the above picture, the blade is fully extended to it's full length

Inside the box, with the blade retracted.

The head is an all new sculpt from the original. The helmet is die cast metal and has all new speech recorded by Saba's voice actor, Tony Oliver. Most of these clips come direct from White Light (Parts 1 and 2) and Two For One. Plus, holding in the buttons on the back plays the full length MMPR theme. The eyes flash and the mouth moves in time with both the speech and the music.

My only real complaint is the wash on the tiger coin on the middle was a bit off and could have been better. A match to the paint and a skilled customiser could probably fix it.

Like the Dragon Dagger before it, Saba was released at SDCC 2015, this time in an all new Black and Gold paint scheme, almost identical to the 1993 and 2015 Legacy Megazord releases. 

Legacy Saba is about double the size of the original saba and when fully extended is between 2 and 3 feet long. You can fully understand the $100 price tag at TRU and other outlets with the amount of detail and size of this awesome toy. Definitely well worth the money and if you can afford it, the SDCC version too. Due to it's large size, many would pass on it for their collection. it's understandable, but if you like your props or a fan of Tommy, this is a very expensive prop replica, but well worth the price of admission.