Saturday, 22 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Titanus

The final of the zords, released in 2013, alongside the Green Tommy wave, Titanus is an entirely new mold much like the Dragonzord before it. It's the last piece fans were waiting for to make an all new Legacy Ultrazord.

The box is the longest out the three, but is the same height as both the Megazord and Dragonzord boxes, When placed infront, Titanus is a hair shorter than the top of the box meaning he's about 10 inches from head to toe. 

Inside the box, we have:

  • chestplate
  • Titanus body
  • Titanus head and neck
  • Tail/cannons
  • chain
  • claws
  • knee supports
Due to the fact this Titanus is all new, he doesn't have the electronic of the 1993 version, nor does it have the Mix N Morph gimmick of the 2010 version either.

Just some comparison shots of Titanus in the standard form and the battle form. 

The 93 version is much larger than the original, but that's only really because of the electronics to make it move. Plus the Legacy version on the left is actually show accurate to the MMPR/Zyuranger model. The neck has all new articulation too, so you can get some good new poses out of it too.

A shot of the Legacy Ultrazord. Yes, the Mega Dragonzord is the most awkward form, but looks great in combined form. There are knee supports to help with the weight of everything inside the back. The only problem is with the toy is that it's still very top heavy. There's die cast in the paws, chest plate for the Megazord and the tail cannon tips. Plus it's a great place to store the the Dragonzord tail.

If you're interested in making the Ultrazord, I highly recommend the Legacy Titanus, otherwise it's skippable.