Monday, 31 August 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Mask collection

Released as part of the first ever wave in 2013 and initially revealed at SDCC, the Mask Collection is a unique addition to the Legacy line. Based off the Super Sentai Mask Collection, which featured an abundance of Sentai helmets and masks from the past 35 years. This collection is a rather small one, based around the MMPR Brand. The front of the box has a nice open window with which to see all 6 masks and the stand.

The side of the box is where it opens. There's a nice graphic of the MMPR Logo and the 6 helmets.

The masks are on a group stand with the individual coins and the ranger names underneath them, Many fans were divided on this, as some liked the group nature of the helmets on one stand, whereas some wanted them on individual stands.

The detailing on the helmets is incredible for a small item like this. There's painted on panel lines and small details like the dragon;s teeth and t-rex teeth are painted as well.

The helmets do indeed pop off their stands and it's not uncommon to find them on the secondary market or even in stores with the helmets popped off. A little super glue could fix the issue. 

Would I recommend this set? Maybe, it's a little too niche for many collectors, especially when the line has been filled with Megazords, Morphers and weapons. It could make a good desk display in the home or office, if you so wished. The detailing is nice and it is unique for the Legacy toyline.