Saturday, 5 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge DX Dino Charge Morpher

Released this summer, the Dino Charge Morpher comes storming out the gate from Bandai. Many keen eyed readers will notice some similarities and differences with this morpher to the Kyoryuger's Gaburevolver morpher. Anyway, the box font follows on from Samurai, which features the open front, which shows the toy in all it's glory and allows kids to try out the features in the store. There's a large graphic of Dino Charge Red holding the T-Rex Charger. There's the T-Rex and Para Chargers in the front of the box, with the T-Rex Charger having the TRY ME! feature. There's also adverts for the Dino Charge Scanner app for iOS and Android.

The back of the box has a large graphic of Red standing infront of an explosion, posing with the morpher. Then a run down of how the morpher works. Like with the Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, there's a large graphic showing off the Chargers that are either out now or coming soon. 

Out of the box, the morpher is smaller than the Gaburevolver and clearly made more for a child's hands than an adult collector. However, to activate the morpher, simply push down on the tail, insert the charger and close the mouth by pushing down on the top jaw. Then spin the drum to "charge it up" and then pull the trigger to fire the weapon. It does have lights and sounds of the gun being fired when there's no charger inside.

It's not entirely show accurate in the details, but a simple paint job could actually fix that, However, in the above picture, you can see how the charger slides into the morph

The chargers themselves are a neat little toy. The button on the top of the charger, when pressed, rotates a drum which shows the charger full, half empty, empty and full. The top of the charger has a QR code, which, when scanned, gives some cool animations in the Scanner App, which also keeps track of your collection and will eventually unlock some cool things the more Dino Charge toys you buy and scan in.

The black Para charger is exactly the same as the T-Rex charger, again can be scanned into the app and also features the same drum in the charger. The battery nub on the charger is what connects with the morpher and effectively reads what charger has been inserted. 

Is this a toy that I would recommend? well, it depends on the collector. For kids, it's a great toy and they can have hours of fun collecting the chargers and morphing into their favourite rangers at home and also using the Ranger's special powers with the accessory chargers. For adult collectors? I'd say your mileage may vary. Some will get some enjoyment out of this, some might be interested in getting it to go alongside their Gaburevolvers, so they can say they have both the US and Japanese morphers. If you're interested, you can buy it in your local toystore across the globe and even through ebay, there's plenty around.