Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Com

Released earlier this year, the Dino Charge Dino Com is part of the role play series of toy. it's based around the Mobuckle from Kyoryuger and is used by the rangers to store spare zyudenchi/chargers and also serves as a communication device. 

The front of the box is the same open view box that shows the Dino Com, with a large TRY ME label on the front, as well as advertising the storage gimmick, as well as advertising the app. It comes with the Triceratops charger and can be played with in the box as part of the TRY ME feature. 

The Com itself is in the shape of a dinosaur head. It's in the same grey and yellow colouration that is featured on the morpher and sabers. The button on the front is large and has a number of phrases as said by Brenan Meija. Pushing the button activates the following phrases:


Pushing the grey button on the front opens up the Dino Com and has space for three chargers that fit neatly inside. It's also where the speaker and battery pack. 

The back of the Dino Com has a belt hook. It also spins 360 degrees, allowing it to be played with in the same way it's used in the show and be used in an ambidextrous way.  

The set comes with the Pink Triceratops charger. This means you can get all 5 main ranger chargers by collecting the Morpher, both Sabers and the Dino Com. It features the same  gimmicks as the others and also features a QR code on the bottom to scan into the app.

While smaller than the Mobuckle and missing the belt buckle piece, the Dino Com stands up on it's own and is a great toy. The upside to it is, is that it features the sound chip. It may be make or break for some fans and collectors, however, for kids, it's a great addition to their role play toy collection and they can have hours of fun using it with their morphers and sabers to store their spare chargers in until they're ready to be used again.