Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge SDCC/Toys R US Black Charger.

Unlike the previous Megazord Charger. the Black T-Rex Charger was available for free at this year's SDCC and also released for free at various Toys R Us Stores in the US as part of the summer holiday Dino Charge event. 

It was released in the same generic Dino Charge plastic bag that is bright and open, showing the charger, with ACTIVATE DINO CHARGE TOYS! on the top. It also features the same graphic of Red holding the charger and DINO CHARGER in big letters underneath

The back of the charger has nothing major on it, just some copyright and distribution information and a PROMOTION ONLY, NOT FOR RESALE tag on the back

The charger has been released before in Japan, as part of the promo chargers for the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters movie, in which it represented Gabutyra after it had all it's energy drained and had gone black. When it made it's transition to the United States, it was now just a promotional colour and is exactly the same as the standard T-Rex Charger. It makes all the same sounds and the QR code on the bottom scans the standard charger. 

Due to it being a SDCC exclusive, it can be difficult to find one in the US and nigh on impossible in the UK if you didn't make it to the event. You can find them on ebay and import them if you live in the UK. I was fortunate enough to email Bandai and ask them to send me one, which they kindly did, so big thanks to Bandai.