Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Dino Charge Megazord

The Dino Charge Megazord released to stores in July of 2015. It is based around Kyoryuzin, the Kyoryuger's main mecha. However, the main difference being that the American version is modified to be in line with Zord Builder, so it can combine with other Megazords from Samurai to Super Megaforce and that does include Legacy as well.

The front of the box is brightly coloured and open, showing a partially assembled Megazord in the box, alongside a picture of all 3 zords and the new clear charger. 

The back of the box shows a graphic of Kyoryuzin dancing from the summoning sequence, followed by a graphic of the mecha and what their gimmicks are. Stegozord's fin pops up when a charger is inserted. Rexy's head fins pop up when a charger is inserted into the mouth and tricera's drill tail pops out when a charger's inserted. There's also a large picture of the other combinations the Megazord can do, this time with the raptor and para zords, as well as the zord armour and dino cycles as well. Underneath that, you can see a large picture of what chargers are available.

The Megazord stands approximately 12 inches from base of the feet to the tip of his head crest. He has limited articulation in the shoulders and legs. He does have better articulation than previous megazords thanks to the Zord Builder gimmick. The head can look up and down slightly as well and due to the transformation, he can turn slightly at the waist, though the T-Rex arms do hinder this articulation. 

Looking at the Megazord parts, Rexy is the largest of the three zords and is very well articulated for a zord. He can move at the hips, the rex arms move up and down. The jaws open and close  and the neck and tail joints swivel as well. However, unlike the Japanse Gabutyra toy, the eyes don't glow or change colour once the charger is inserted and due to it being zord builder, there are no electronics either. There is still plenty of play value in it already and poses very well. 

The Tricera Zord transforms by simply folding the legs up and clipping it into the arm of Rexy. No charger is actually needed. However, the charger IS needed to activate Tricera's gimmick, which is the extending tail drill and can also be used when in Megazord form. 

The Stego Zord is next and transforms in exactly the same way as Tricera. Fold up the legs. The gimmick in Zord form is the back blade popping up when the charger is inserted into the zord's mouth. The back piece is removed when transforming to megazord form as it forms the sword and shield for the megazord. 

All three mecha look great together and pose well in both forms. This picture is a small reference to how things were done in Mighty Morphin. 

Side by side comparison of the Dino Charge Megazord next to the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord. They are largely the same height and yes, they can actually combine together as they are both Zord Builder.

A shot of the MMPR T-Rex and Triceratops meeting Dino Charge Rexy and Tricera. As you can see from this shot, the DC Rexy is actually much taller than the MMPR Dino Megazord, whereas both Triceratops Zords are of a similar scale.

The set comes with an exclusive Red Charger. It's exactly the same as the standard release charger, the only difference being it's made out of clear plastic to represent the large charger used in the Megazord formation. It makes the same noises in the Morpher and even has the same QR Code on the bottom for the scanner app

The DC megazord is available commercially where all good toys are sold and is easily found right now. If you collect DC toys, this should be a no brainer and has loads of play value, especially with the combining gimmick with not only other zord builder toys, but current Dino Charge products as well. You can't really go wrong for $30