Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Dino Saber

The Deluxe Dino Saber was released earlier this year and was part of the Role Play weapons set. The box features the same wide open box that started with Samurai. Kids can play with the toy in the box in the store and access some of the features. It comes with the Raptor charger (Zakutor in Japan). 

The box top features the same graphic of Red holding the charger. On the sides, you have graphics showing what the toy can do, along with the large TRY ME button, which makes sword clashing and power up sounds while the blade lights up.

As the box is so large, the top features a large graphic of the Red ranger holding the sword infront of an explosion. In the UK release, the picture was swapped to Green instead.

The bottom of the box shows the combined form of the Saber and the Morpher called the Dino Blade Blaster in the US. Underneath that is a graphic showing off all the Chargers that are available in stores now.

The paint apps are sharp and crisp, while not as show accurate or as detailed as the Kyoryuger Gaburicalibur, it's still a nice toy. Like most of the Dino Charge toys, it's clearly made for a child's hands and doesn't fit well in the average adult's hands that well, unless you have small hands.

To transform it into the cannon mode, simply press the large silver button on the side to fold the handle up. Note: at this point of the transformation, the charger port WILL be unusable, so either remove it or keep the charger in until you no longer need it. There's a small black tab on the underside of the blade, which, when pushed forward will allow you to swing the blade back and forth

Combination is simple. Pull back on the hammer of the morpher to open the jaws and slide the two together until you hear a click. A noise from the morpher and the saber will also let you know. From there, you can pull the trigger to hear various blast sound effects, or spin the drum on the morpher to activate a power blast. You could even keep the blade down in Bayonet mode as seen in Dino Charge.

There was a Toys R Us exclusive Blade Blaster set that came with the T-Rex, Para and Raptor Chargers. They're the Deluxe versions and is in Bayonet Form inside the box. This has been seen used by Chase in Dino Charge and by Professor Yayoi in Kyoryuger.

The chargers share the same gimmicks as the others. The feature the same drum to show show FULL, HALF FULL, EMPTY and HALF CHARGED. It also features a QR code on the bottom of the charger that can be scanned into the app. 

Is this a toy I'd recommend? Yes, as it's different to the standard saber in that it can combine with the morpher, has lights and sounds and comes with the charger. I do understand you need to get both the standard and the DX versions to get all 5 chargers eventually. The real charm is in the sounds and combination gimmick. For adults, it's a new item for their collection, for kids, it's a solid, well built toy that works great, feels good in the hand and has plenty of play value, especially if they already have the morpher.