Monday, 21 September 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: SDCC 2015 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Charger Power Pack (Image Heavy)

Released this year for SDCC 2015, the Mighty Morphin' Dino Charge Power Pack was an interesting set that many fans were eager to get their hands on. It comes in a long box featuring a gold foil lighting bolt logo and a large stock photo of the white ranger. The MMPR logos are large and feature prominently on the left hand side of the box. 

On the back of the box we get a series of black and white headshots of all 7 rangers and the mighty Dino Megazord. We also get the story of MMPR that's already been featured on the Legacy boxed sets before. 

Opening the left hand side of the box reveals a black and white image of the Yellow, Black and Green Rangers. 

The right hand side features photos of Pink, Blue, White and Red.

Inside the box, there's all 8 chargers. They're clearly labeled as the Season 1 Rangers and the most iconic of the line ups. Inserting the Ranger chargers into the Dino Charger morpher has the phrase "COMIC-CON" as spoken by Brennan Mejia. The Megazord charger unlocks the "LEGENDARY" phrase from the morpher. 

Now, if you bought the set from SDCC, you only got the 7 chargers in the set and then you could get a voucher to get the exclusive Dino Megazord Charger. The box has an empty space in the tray for the charger, covered by the above piece of cardboard. 

The chargers slide out of the box really easily and are in another cardboard insert, which the plastic tray with all 8 chargers sits in. It feels sturdy and could be displayed as is. For clarification, these chargers are based on the Sentai Legend chargers from the Kyoryuger line, just resized and modified to fit the US morpher. Now, lets take a look at the chargers in order:

First up is Zack's Mastodon Charger. Instead of the graphics that the standard chargers, Zack's features his face, the Power Axe, The Mastodon Zord and the MMPR logo. It also features a scannable QR code, but it doesn't work with the app yet. 

Trini's Sabretooth Tiger charger features the Yellow helmet, the Power Daggers, the Sabretooth Tiger zord and the MMPR Logo. The QR Code on the bottom doesn't work either.

The first of Tommy's powers is the White Tiger charger. The drum features the White Ranger helmet, Saba, the White Tigerzord and the MMPR Logo. The QR code doesn't work yet. 

Jason's Tyrannosaurus Rex Charger features the Red helmet, Power Sword, T-Rex zord and finally the MMPR logo. The QR Code doesn't work. 

Arguably Tommy's most famous power, the Green Ranger or Dragon Ranger, in reference to his Zyuranger counterpart, features the Green helmet, the Dragon Dagger, Dragonzord and the MMPR logo. Like the rest so far, the QR Code doesn't work.

Kimberly's charger features the pink helmet, the Power Bow, the Pterodactyl Zord and finally the MMPR logo. The QR code doesn't work.

Billy's Charger features the Blue helmet. The Power Lance, the Triceratops Zord and the MMPR logo. The QR Code doesn't work either.

The Megazord Charger was released in a red plastic baggie as a give away at SDCC.

Inside the baggie was the charger and this sheet, which is actually a checklist of all the chargers and other toys that are available now at stores in the US. Not in the UK yet. It also features a money off chargers voucher.

As for the Megazord Charger itself, it features the graphic of the Megazord, the Power Cannon, all 5 rangers from the Legacy boxes and the MMPR logo. The QR code on the bottom doesn't work.

After a long winded and pic heavy review, would I recommend this set? For the collector, yes. They'd get the most out of it. It's fairly cheap to get on eBay now and the Megazord Charger is also easy to find on eBay. Kids might get use out of this, but as they are a collectors item, it can be difficult to replace them if they were damaged. For those living outside of the US, the only way to get these is to import, which can be costly.