Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Saber

Didn't you already review this one? I hear you cry. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. This is an entirely different toy. Released this year, this is the standard Dino Saber. It's different from the DX version as this one only has a folding blade and sound effects, it does NOT transform into the Blade Blaster.

The front of the box is the wide open style we've come to expect from current Dino Charge toys. The blade is folded so it can be displayed on the store pegs and save room. It also comes with Charger Number 3, Stego. So yes, you need the Morpher, the standard saber, DX Saber and the Dino Com to get all 5 main ranger chargers. 

The sides of the box have a small graphic for scanning the charger into the app and the other side shows the other role play toys.

The back of the box has a large graphic of Dino Charge green holding the Saber in front of a large explosion. It also has a 3 image graphic showing the gimmicks. Which are:
  • The folding blade
  • Sword clashing sound effects
  • Powered up slash when a charger is inserted into it
Underneath, there's an advert for the DX saber, the Dino Com and the T-Rex Launcher, as well as the usual graphic showing the available chargers available at the time.

Out of the box, the saber is lacking the paint apps and details of the larger DX saber, appearing in a solid green, black and metallic grey colouring. It's much smaller than the DX toy, roughly half the size and is clearly made for smaller children to play with. I am unsure as to why Bandai chose to include the folding blade gimmick, as it lacks the articulation on the handle to transform into the Blade Blaster.

As can be seen from the above picture, the DX saber is on the top and the standard toy on the bottom. The DX saber is getting a show accurate repaint by myself. 

The Saber comes with the Stego charger, made famous by Koda, played by Yoshi Sudarso in Dino Charge. It functions exactly the same way as the other chargers in the line and has the same drum which features full, half empty, drained and half full. The QR code does work with the app.

My final and honest opinion: For a child, this would be a no brainer. It's a well built and solid toy. They could have hours of fun running round the house or garden playing with the saber, pretending to be their favourite Dino Charge ranger. It makes sounds via the button on the handle and the charger. Other than being a toy sword, there's not really much play value outside of that. If they wanted more interaction, then the DX version would be better. It makes the same sounds and it combines with the Morpher to form the Blade Blaster.

I don't feel many adults would get much in the way of enjoyment out of this, Other than another way of getting the Stego charger outside of the Power Packs, this is clearly either a display item or is likely to end up being sold to children or given away. There may be some collectors who'll display it on their shelves alongside their current Dino Charge collection.