Friday, 16 October 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge T-Rex Launcher.

Released in the summer of 2015, The Dino Charge T-Rex Launcher is one of the last items in the Role Play toys category. It comes in the same open box as the rest of the toys with pictures showing how the toy works. The toy itself is secured in place with 2 pieces of elastic and it comes with the standard Red Charger. 

The back of the box shows a large picture of Red with the T-Rex Smasher (Gabutyra Fang in Japan), which is what this toy is based on. It shows instructions on how to put in the charger and fire the discs, an advert for the Dino Saber, Dino Com and the T-Rex Launcher.

Taking the toy out of the package and it's already evident that this doesn't fit in adult hands at all. The paint apps are nice, however could do with some extra detailing to make it look more like the show accurate model, being in a dark red, black and silver for the teeth.

Putting the charger in the back of the hand grip activates the head crest and pulling back on the trigger lifts the T-Rex head and changes the eye colour from green to yellow and then launches a disc across the room.

Speaking of the discs, there are 8 in the box, but the Launcher only fits 6, so at least there are 2 spare discs, in case any get lost. The discs themselves are quite large, come in a yellow colour and feature the Dino Charge logo on both sides, being mirrored on the "tails" side of the disc.

To insert the discs, simply lift up the top of the launcher, insert up to 6 of the discs and then close the lid. All 8 will not fit in the launcher and will pop the lid off, since it cannot close properly, 

The launcher comes with the same Red Dino Charger that came with the Morpher. Same workings and the QR code registers the same charger when scanned into the app. 

In all honesty, this isn't all that bad in terms of role play toys. It could have been more like the T-Rex Smasher from the show and been more like Hulk Hands, but as a disk launching toy, there's potential, especially for children. Adult collectors probably won't get the same value out of it and will probably let it collect dust in a box somewhere.