Friday, 16 October 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Megaforce 4" Blue Ranger

Released sometime in 2013, This is the counterpart to the basic Red figure. Standing about 4 inches in height, It's a basic figure that has no cards or accessories. It has stock images of Red, Blue and Black, as well as an image of Robo Knight. Like the Red Ranger figure, I am unsure if these figures were released at retail anywhere, however, in the UK, they were pack ins with Megazords from a UK retailer called Argos. 

The back of the card features a basic run down of the plot of Megaforce on a plain cardboard backing. There's stock black and white images of the rangers. On the bottom, there's a sticker with the copyright information. 

Like the Red Ranger figure, it features the same five points of articulation in the neck, shoulders and hips. The paint apps are largely the same, featuring basic paint apps in blue and white, detailing being restricted to the chest symbol and the helmet detailing. 

In all honesty, the figures aren't that bad. Sure, they have very basic paint apps and articulation and there are better Megaforce figures out there. Though they are perfect for kids, they feel very robust and will stand up to rugged play. Given they're a pack in with the Dino Charge Megazord, you're also getting 3 toys for the price of the Megazord, which is actually pretty decent.