Friday, 30 October 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundebirds Are Go! Thunderbird 3

Continuing our look at Thunderbirds at 50, we're taking a look at the Vivid Imaginations Thunderbird 3, released this year. The box is the same open box design as the rest of the vehicles and has the same logo and Tracy Brothers graphic as the others. This time, the box front is red and has a graphic of Alan running.

The back of the box features the same kind of instruction manual that the others do that explains how the gimmicks work and how to activate them, in this case the grabbing arms. It also features an advert for Tracy Island and also Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 2 & 4 pack. 

Out of the box, Thunderbird 3 stands at a whopping 5 and a half inches from nose to booster. It features a white nosecone rather than all red from the original. There's plenty of little insignia and warnings all over the rocket, even a WARNING JET BLAST on the thrusters. Many longtime Fandersons will no doubt notice the boosters are squared off this time, rather than rounded on the original model.

To activate the Grasping Arms gimmick, simply push the big gray booster in the middle to release the arms. Sometimes they all pop out, sometimes only one or two do. Then once the arms are extended, you can lift the arms into their fully extended position.

It does have sounds, activated by twisting the large gray middle piece and they are as follows:

  • FAB
  • International Rescue, this is Thunderbird 3, do you copy?
  • Deploying Grasping Arms
  • Rocket sound effect.

As a fan of Thunderbirds, I was never really that big on Thunderbird 3. I am not that much of a fan of the grasping arms on the remake, but overall, the toy isn't that bad. It currently retails for £8 and you can get it from most toy shops and online.