Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go! Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4

Continuing our look at 50 years of Thunderbirds, we bring you the Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 set from Vivid Imaginations. 

The box is in the same open design as Thunderbird 1, with the vehicle clearly on display and the Try Me button allowing children to essentially play with it in store in the box. It also displays the open pod with Thunderbird 4 coming out.There's a large graphic of the Thunderbirds Are Go! logo with the crew stood behind it in their respective colours. The advertising blurb on the bottom has the individual craft names in their respective colours and an action shot of Gordon and Virgil

The pod that is inside Thunderbird 2 is actually a fake cardboard one, Though it does look fairly authentic. 

On the back of the box, we have the cut out and keep file cards for Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 2 which has a brief profile of Virgil and Gordon, as well as stats on the vehicles in question. There's a brief instruction sheet on the back which explains the various functions and gimmicks of Thunderbird 2. There's also an advert for the Tracy Island Playset, as well as Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 3 in the same line. 

Thunderbird 2's gimmick, other than the dropping pod and extending legs is that like the show, the wings can fold up and down. There's a lot of detail in this new sculpt, ranging from the DANGER JET BLAST warning near the tail rockets, to INTERNATIONAL RESCUE being printed on the tail fin. There's loads of other insignia and warnings dotted around the toy as well. Other details include windows on the nose and the extended sensors on the nose as well. There are free rolling wheels on the underside of the pod, allowing it to be rolled across any flat surface.

Pushing down on the buttons on fuselage near the wings extends the legs, the springs aren't that good and often need manually fixing. This can be done by simply flicking it out with a finger. The button on the rear of Thunderbird 2, just behind the pod is the release mechanism for the pod. The pod itself has a little hole at the top of the door in which you can hook your nail and flick the pod door down and then release Thunderbird 4. In all honesty, the mechanism isn't all that good and the pod often slips free and can even be pushed out with a finger. It's not all that secure. The front of the pod is unpainted, thus allowing for any expansion toys to be placed inside the pod and taken on any play Rescue Mission.

Thunderbird 4 is nothing really special. An inch long piece of yellow rubbery plastic that sits inside the pod. It's well detailed and painted for what it is, but it has no gimmicks or anything like that, 

It does have sounds like the others and they are as follows:

  • This is Thunderbird 2, mission complete, I'm on my way home
  • whirring sound effects
  • FAB Scott
  • Launching sound effect

All in all, while having it's flaws, it's not a bad toy and for the retail price of £8, you are getting a fairly sturdy toy and the better part is that you are getting 2 toys for the price of one, even though it is slightly larger than the others, being just a hair over the 5 inches that Thunderbird 1 is. The gimmicks are there from what we remember, the extending legs and dropping pod. This time, it has sounds and folding wings too.