Saturday, 21 November 2015

MCM Birmingham Comic Con Day 1

So Day 1 of MCM is done. This year, the event was in Hall 5, which is right by the entrance to the lake and near the train station, so no real need to travel around the NEC, I was there early to take full advantage of my press time. First things first, was the round table interview with Dina Meyer, which went great. Then after that, I went onto the floor to experience the mad house. 

The areas in blue on the map are signing zones and are made up of MCM and Memorabilia guests. This also includes a GLAMOUR ZONE, where the playboy models are signing autographs. Most guests charge around £15 or £20 for an autograph and that also includes a photo. They also don't mind if you bring in items from home either, though this can mean a standard variation on charges instead of an 8x10. The large circle in the upper left is where the stage is and that is where guests can go and give a talk on their career. 

There are numerous stalls and groups that sell everything from matchbox toy cars to the latest anime toys and DVDs and pretty much everything in between, from comics to plushies. Board games and RPGs to Disney pins. There's something for everyone,

Other attractions included a cosplay masquerade, a Steampunk exhibit, Barricade and Bumblebee from the Transformers movies and the DeLorean, which you could sit in for a small fee and have your photo taken of the event and then take it home. The proceeds of which went towards the cost of maintaining the vehicles. There was also a Street Fighter IV e-sports tournament.

As good as day 1 was, here's just a few minor nitpicks
  • It was far too overcrowded. people were stepping on each other
  • queuing for autographs wasn't properly organised and maintained
All in all, not bad. Usual saturday issues of being crazy busy and  being packed in like sardines. Hopefully tomorrow will be good