Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Cabin Pressure Series 1, Episode 5 - Edinburgh

Edinburgh was released on Radio 4 on 30th July 2008 and starred:
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr. Birling
  • Adam G. Goodwin as Philip
The episode's pre-credits scene is of Martin giving a cabin address about a movie. Unfortunately due to a technical fault, they can't bring the rest of the movie, so Martin fills in the audience on what happened.

The episode opens with Carolyn explaining their jobs and then Arthur realises that it's coming up to the Six Nations Final, which means that it's Birling Day. Birling Day is a yearly event in which a rich, retired gentleman by the name of Mr. Birling hires MJN Air to take them to wherever the Six Nations Final is being held, this year, it's in Edinburgh.

Douglas and Arthur try and keep the fact that Mr. Birling is a generous tipper. This causes Martin and Mr. Birling to clash with each other, especially when Martin refuses to toady to him, which Douglas and Arthur do. As soon as Martin finds out there's a huge tip in it for him, he soon changes his mind. Meanwhile, Douglas is frisked at Fitton Airfield for anything that can hold water. Carolyn finds a water bottle, a bottle of shampoo for coloured hair and a bottle of nail varnish. This is to prevent Douglas from taking part in a Birling Day tradition in which he steals the bottle of 25 year old Talisker Whisky.

Once they arrive in Edinburgh, Martin takes Mr. Birling, leaving Arthur and Douglas alone in GERTI. Douglas sends Arthur outside to fix the aerial and this is when he enacts his plan. While Arthur is on the roof, Carolyn rings him and they realise that Douglas is alone inside GERTI with the bottles of Talisker. Arthur goes back inside and challenges Douglas about the whisky. Arthur takes one and it still opens up as normal. 

After Wales win the Six Nations final and the Triple Crown, Mr. Birling is happy as he's Welsh and that gets Martin in on the tips. So much so that he lets Mr. Birling sit in the flight deck during take off and play with the Ground Proximity Warning. However, problems arise when Martin gets the over excited Mr. Birling a bigger bottle of Whisky and he drinks the half liter bottle, passing out in his seat. 

They arrive back at Fitton and send Mr. Birling off without getting their tip. Douglas reveals his plan that he switched the Talisker for the McHamish's Special Tartan Reserve, which Martin gave to Mr. Birling, meaning Douglas didn't get the Talisker, but Arthur did get a single miniature bottle off the plane because it was the tester one from earlier.