Monday, 16 November 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Cabin Pressure Series 2, Episode 2 - Gdansk

Gdansk aired on BBC Radio 4 on 24th July 2009. It starred:
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Britta Gardner as Madam Szyzsko - Bohusz
  • Simon Greenhall as The Conductor
The pre-credits scene has Carolyn in the Flight deck reading off the special requirements for the Chamber Orchestra they are flying to Gdansk in Poland and it's as follows: 

The first violins will not sit together; the second violins will not sit apart. The harpist will ignore you unless your aura is orange; there is nothing you can do to make your aura more orange. The tubist must on no account be given alcohol; the conductor must at all times be given alcohol. He will also require the toilet to himself for an hour before landing. And, most importantly, the bassoonist, Madame Szyszko-Bohusz, will be working under the presumption that you are trying to kill her unless proved otherwise, so avoid approaching her with blunt instruments, sharp knives or hot liquids.

The episode begins with Martin, Douglas and Carolyn playing a game in the flight deck. The first is to name all Seven Deadly Sins. Arthur and Carolyn argue over the pronunciation of Wrath, with Arthur swearing it's pronounced "RATH" with Carolyn saying it's pronounced "WROTH", however the book says it's Anger, Douglas and Carolyn come in first and second, Martin loses as he put Lust down twice and forgot Pride. Douglas goads Martin into betting in the second challenge of naming all Seven Dwarves from Snow White. Martin struggles naming them all. Carolyn and Douglas hand in their answers, but before Arthur can give the answers, Carolyn is called away by the service bell.

The ringer of the bell is the notorious Madame Szysko -  Bohusz. Carolyn struggles at first with her name, but then realises that she's really upset with the fact her arm-rests are slightly higher than everyone elses, leading her to believe that it's been tampered with. Carolyn reminds her that they haven't been, but if she has a problem, to swap seats with her bassoon. Meanwhile in the flight deck, Martin tries to get Douglas to give him the answers to the Dwarves question. They keep betting, this time for the cheese tray and Martin loses each time. 

Carolyn has to deal with Madam Szyszko - Bohusz about her cashews, which she believes to be covered in broken glass rather than salt. Martin loses a game of "holding your breath the longest" to answer a call from ATC. For the final piece of cheese, Martin and Douglas play "Passenger Derby". In this game, the Seatbelt sign is still illuminated and Arthur has given them plenty of drinks. Martin and Douglas bet on which one will make it to the toilet first. After Martin loses that bet, they go for the desert of Cheesecake or Strudel and again, Douglas wins. The final stage of betting begins with Martin and Douglas betting on Gdansk on time for 3 months salary. Martin loses again, but reveals to Douglas that he doesn't get paid.

In the cabin, Carolyn and Arthur have proven to Madame Szyszko - Bohusz that the cheesecake isn't poisoned, In the flight deck, Martin is sad that he's lost every bet so far with Douglas, when Douglas gives him the answers to the Dwarves test. The episode ends with Martin giving a cabin address to the crew and spouts off the names of the Dwarves to which Madame Szysko - Bohusz blows frantically into bassoon.