Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Cabin Pressure Series 1, Episode 1 - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi aired on July 2nd, 2008 and stars
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Ewen MacIntosh as Karl
The episode begins with a pre-introduction from Douglas. Martin and Douglas had had a gentlemanly bet with each other to see who could fly GERTI best after drinking a litre of vodka through a straw, hence why Martin's take off was very hairy, especially over a golf course. Douglas is up for landing and can't decide which of the two runways to aim for.

The actual episode starts with Martin and Douglas in the cockpit playing a game of Brians of Britain, a take on the quiz show Brain of Britain. However, with only 30 minutes of fuel left and a runway closure at Fitton, Martin makes the decision to make a £7000 diversion to Bristol, to which Carolyn is less than impressed at. She challenges Martin and Douglas to fly to Abu Dhabi, taking an oil executive's possessions there, including the cat and most of all, no diversions unless absolutely necessary. 

The day of the no frills flight comes and first thing's first, Arthur has no idea on how planes fly. Onboard GERTI, Martin, Douglas and Arthur are making their final checks before they take off. They continue their game, but are horrified when they find out that Arthur has made them meals. The first of which, is Orange Platter, which is everything he could find Orange, cooked in baked beans sauce. The other meal he has lined up is Surprising Rice, which is a rice concoction that has mystery items in it, which he refuses to tell what they are because it goes against the spirit of Surprising Rice,

Part way through the journey, Martin sat-comm's Carolyn to complain about the lack of catering and the fact they'll be sleeping in a Bedouin tent in Abu Dhabi. It's during this conversation in which he realises too late that he's switched the heating in the hold off, when it should have been turned on. This leaves Martin with an agonising decision - Divert or let the client's cat freeze to death in the hold. The episode ends with Douglas lighting a match and Martin making a call to divert