Saturday, 12 December 2015

MCM Birmingham Comic Con Day 2

I can only humbly apologise for bringing this review of Day 2 to you guys so late. However, without further ado, lets go and take a look at Sunday 22nd. As it was Sunday, it opened an hour later at 10am. I arrived around 9:30am and was pleasantly surprised to find it different this time round.

Security and staff had indeed listened to what had gone wrong first time round and had placed more barriers to herd attendees into the right areas. It was much better than everyone making a mad dash for the entrance 

As with it being Sunday, the day was much quieter than Saturday and I didn't feel at all that I was treading on anyone or having to apologise for such a thing. However, there were a lot more people around this Sunday than I have noticed over previous Sunday's because of Liv Tyler being Sunday's guest of honour. Other than that, the main Memorabilia and MCM guest list was much smaller, as most were Saturday only. 

Nothing had really changed with the vendors, they were all still there, but as we approached 5pm on the sunday, many had started offering discounts just so they wouldn't have to take things home, so it was a better time to go shopping for bargains. 

Even though the convention was over at 5pm, it wasn't the end of it. There were many people stood outside the convention hall in cosplay just milling about, talking to each other, getting those last minute photos with old and new friends, as well as the e-famous cosplayers. 

Overall, the con was very busy and well worth the price many would have paid. We got free entry as we were press. However, many people's mileage may vary and it depends on personal circumstances as well. Sunday itself wasn't too bad either, a little quieter and emptier.