Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Nerdversity 101 Podcasts update

Some of you might be aware of what has happened on the Facebook page, but for the some of you that haven't, allow me to fill you in:

I, Aaron Wood have ended my professional partnership with Alexander Jones. The split was amicable and I left quietly and without much fanfare, so allow me to explain why. Our relationship over the past few months has become strained, he would never tell me why this sudden change in behaviour, but he started growing irrational and taking things out on me. I took them in my stride at first and carried on, but after several months of this, I feel I couldn't take anymore. 

I felt like I wasn't in control anymore, that Alex was in full 100% control of everything and I was just there to sit back and let things happen the way he wanted them doing. He even removed me from being co-owner while I was out shopping in order to enforce what he wanted, that was crossing boundaries.

Though this wasn't all and anyone who's been a regular fan of this page has noticed that it is myself who has posted almost all of the 235 entries into this blogger, as well as:
  • Editing and uploading podcasts (some 2 hours or more)
  • Promoting podcasts
  • Posting to the facebook page
  • organising podcasts
  • emailing guests and updating them
  • looking after a 5 month old labrador puppy
  • general housework
  • real life work as an evening cleaner
Many of you would say that's a tremendous amount of work for one man and yes, that is my daily routine for Nerdversity and real life. All on my own. So you can see that the combined workload and the attitude from my partner caused this split.

So. where does this leave Nerdversity? Good question. In real terms, I've been fair from a legal standpoint. I will be leaving Nerdversity, taking the following with me:
  • The copyright to the name Nerdversity 101 and images
  • this blogger
  • Podcast Garden
  • Youtube
All that is registered in my name and on my legal UK copyright. I have left Alex with everything he created and he should legally change the name within 30 days. 

As for Nerdversity? well, during the christmas period, we'll be going through a reshuffle. We might be ending the podcast garden page, staying on Youtube and Blogger, where we'll be posting news, reviews, discussion projects and more. 

I hope that clears everything up and everything I've posted here is the truth.

Thank you to all the fans and people who've stood by us in the past few years.