Monday, 21 December 2015

Nerdversity 101 Update (Part 2)

I really really hate having to do these. I'm sorry guys, but after this, we'll get back to doing this as we should be.

Last week, I announced that I'd left Nerdversity 101 and taken a number of things with as my legal 50%. However, it seems that wasn't enough. My former partner has been going even further into the deep end is accusing me of all kinds of stuff, even fabricating a number of legal documents. He's passing round a fake email from a solicitor in the UK stating that I'm going to get arrested. 

Clearly resorting to fabricated threats and even getting my own family to side with his will. I found it most upsetting and frankly absurd that he'd go to these great lengths to really try and dirty and sully my reputation, all for simply leaving with my dignity intact and my legal 50%.

So, I was refiling my copyright today, as it had expired and I was trying to protect my legal 50% from any outside interference and potential theft and I get this message:

I'm confused at this whole thing of what I supposedly did to him, other than deny him 100% and stick to my 50%. I'm still getting threats saying that he'll go public with that fake email to get me black listed and probably put in jail. 

Why can't a guy just work in peace?