Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1992 FAB 1

The final vehicle in the Rescue Pack is FAB 1, Lady Penelope's Pink Rolls Royce.

FAB 1 is just over 3 inches from bumper to bumper. The main body is diecast metal with pink paint over the top. The grille, bumper, wheels and canopy are all made of plastic. Like the rest of the set, FAB 1 does NOT have any action features unlike it's Dinky toys counterpart, which had a flip down grille with missile launcher.

FAB 1 was released 3 ways and is by far the most common of the toys. It was released as single card toy, part of the Rescue Pack and part of a Kellogg's giveaway with Frosties Cereal. 

Both the Kelloggs and Single card version are around £10 each and the Rescue Pack is £40.