Friday, 4 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1992 Matchbox Thunderbird 1

Last time, we took a look at the box in general, so lets start these reviews by breaking down each of the vehicles. First up, lets take a look at the 1992 Matchbox Thunderbird 1

The 1992 Thunderbird 1 stands approx 3 3/4" inches tall from nose to boosters, about the same as your average G.I. Joe or Star Wars figure. The details are sparse, other than THUNDERBIRD 1 down the front of the craft and TB1 on the sides of the cockpit. The main body is die cast metal. The blue wings, engine and boosters are plastic. The red nosecone is rubber. The wings fold out. 

Overall, this is a nice little toy This is the first toy of Thunderbird 1 in the UK. Dinky didn't actually make one, they only made Thunderbird 2 and FAB 1. The above picture is a comparison of the Matchbox version to it's Vivid Imaginations 2015 version. They do share some similarities 

You can get this toy very cheap on the secondary market. The single carded version goes for anywhere between £8 and £15, while you can get it in the boxed Rescue Pack for £40.