Saturday, 5 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1992 Matchbox Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4

Released in 1992 by Matchbox, Thunderbird 2 was the next in the series. Everyone knows Thunderbird 2 as the large green transport craft. Following on from the 1960s Dinky toy, Matchbox releases their incarnation.

Thunderbird 2 is made out of diecast metal like the others in the set. From nose to boosters, it's about 6 inches long. It lacks some of the painted detils, but it makes up for it on the markings all over the place. The rear boosters, release buttons for the legs and pod and finally the legs are made of red plastic.

Thunderbird 2 comes with Pod 4, Thunderbird 4. To extend the legs, just push down on the red buttons on the fuselage and then pull on the red release catch behind the pod. Kids could also pull back on the release catch without dropping the legs to simulate the pod being dropped into the ocean and then TB 4 releasing. 

Thunderbird 4 measures about an inch long and is a solid piece of metal that's painted. it has no action features or anything like that.

The 2 pack came single carded and goes for about £17 or the Rescue Pack for £40. Overall, I like this toy. It's a nice upgrade from the Dinky toy and it's obvious that Vivid turned to this toy to make their version of Thunderbird 2 for the Thunderbirds Are Go! toy.