Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1992 Stingray Marineville Headquarters Action Playset

Released in 1992 by Matchbox as part of the smaller scale toyline. It was designed to go alongside the Stingray and Terror Fish carded set and is built to scale for those. The front of the box is a Steve Kyte style action scene of Stingray launching out of the Ocean Door while Marineville launches Hydrophonic Missiles at an unseen invader and jets fly out overhead. It's bright, colourful and very dynamic. There's also a small box in the bottom corner with Commander Sam Shore with a list of all the action features it possesses.

The back of the box shows the product as is, with the 4 inch Stingray coming out the Ocean Door with a list of all the action features listed on the back. 

The remaining sides of the box just reprint the same information. A listing of all the other toys in the line, a smaller action shot and all the copyright information

Inside the box itself we have the Marineville base with the Tower, a security post and barricade. We also have a baggie containing the 2 street lamps and the two of the 2-part missiles. We'll show them in more detail shortly

Here's Marineville fully assembled in it's Headquarters mode. You can see the missiles in their launch bays. The guard hut and barrier. The street lights and the open bay behind the Ocean Door to store the 4 inc Stingray toy. However, that's not the only action feature it has, Marineville is 11 inches high from the tip of the tower to the base, 5 inches deep and 7 inches from end to end.

By pushing down on the tower, it descends down into the base of the playset. The Hydrophonic Missiles raise out of their hiding places. This is called Battle Stations mode. How it was used in the show can be seen here

While not as grand or as epic as Tracy Island, Marineville stands on it's own as a smaller playset. Due the small and fragile nature of some parts, especially the guard hut, barricade and the street lights, it's very common to find them with these parts either broken off or missing. Sometimes, even the missiles are missing as well. it's getting difficult to find complete ones, but they do pop up now and then. They usually tend to go for about £40-45 on the secondary market for a boxed and complete one in good condition, with the street lights and other pieces intact. 

I firmly believe that this is a nice set and compliments the Stingray set, as well as other playsets in the Matchbox and Vivid toylines. If you can find a decent condition one for a reasonable price, I would highly recommend picking one up, you won't be disappointed.