Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1992 Stingray/Terror Fish set

After the BBC had had a smash hit run of Thunderbirds being re-run on BBC 2 in 1991, the BBC turned it's attention to the other parts of Gerry Anderson's famous TV series. In 1992, Stingray aired again on BBC 2 and with it, came a new line of action figures and models from Matchbox.

This double pack was one of the first items released and it contains the iconic submarine as piloted by Troy Tempest and the Terror Fish, a submarine piloted by the evil Aquaphibians, determined to defeat WASP and rule over the seas as well as the land.

The back of the card gives off some more information about the world of Stingray, with a mix of TV series and the TV21 comics. On the left hand side is some promo photos of the Marineville playset and the 3 inch figures. Lets have a look at the individual toys.

Stingray itself is about 4 inches long from bow to stern. The main body is made of diecast metal, with the periscope, cockpit and propulsion unit being made of plastic. The propulsion unit spins round like it does in the TV series. 

The Terror Fish is about 3 inches long from nose to tail, The head is diecast, but the side fins, the eyes and the rest of the body is made of plastic. It's action feature is that the Jaw opens and closes to simulate a missile firing action as seen in the show.

The set is very easy to find on the secondary market and can fetch about £15 for a sealed and mint version, The loose versions are cheap too, but be aware, the periscope is very flimsy and snaps of, plus it's common to find stress marks on the fins of Stingray. The Terror Fish doesn't fare much better and over time, the eyes can pop out and the fins snap off. 

Overall, this is a nice set and compliments not only the Thunderbirds toys, but also the Marineville Playset.