Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Cloudbase

After the success of Stingray and Thunderbirds, the BBC acquired the rights to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. With it came a series of toys based on the series. The toys were done by Vivid Imaginations this time round and NOT Matchbox. Vivid was set up by some former members of Matchbox and they had obtained the license for Captain Scarlet. 

This is the giftset version of Cloudbase. As well as the playset, you get an Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ) and the Mysteron Light Phaser. They were both available as single items and in this set. The box front is dynamic, bright and colourful, It shows Cloudbase as a pair of Angel Interceptors take off and an SPJ flies by.

The back of the box has bios for the main cast of the series, based on in show and their TV21 counterparts. it also has a blurb for the series, a reprint of the box front and a small picture showing what other toys are part of the collection.

Inside the box, you get the deck piece, the command bride, 2 thrusters, an instruction sheet, a decal sheet and 3 lights to place on the deck. As well as the SPJ and the Phaser. 

Out of the box, It's huge. With the ramps fully extended, it's about 24 inches across the deck. The detailing is like many toys of the early-mid 90s in that all the details are in the stickers with very few painted on.

Looking through the view finder at the back of the bridge reveals a picture that can only be seen when it's in bright light, making it difficult to take with a camera. 

I was able to find a copy of the picture and show you guys. It's Colonel White sat at his command console with Scarlet and Blue behind him. 

The set is very common to find on the secondary market and won't cost you a great deal if you are interested. I paid £22 to have mine shipped.