Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Spectrum Command Team

As Vivid were made from ex members of Matchbox, it was obvious that part of the toyline was going to feature the same 2 inch action figures and the similarly scaled vehicles. As with the Thunderbirds Rescue Pack before this, The Spectrum Command Team set has all the vehicles that were released as single carded toys in one collectors boxed set.

The front of the box uses the same Captain Scarlet log and image of the titular hero. It also features artwork of the 5 vehicles in the set that in various action poses. The SPJ and Angels are flying overhead. The SPV and Saloon car racing down the road, with the SPV firing a missile at an unseen enemy,

The inside lid of the set has bios for 6 of the main cast, as seen on the back of the Cloudbase playset. They mix up a lot of TV 21 information with the TV series and condense them into one universe. 

The back of the box is very sparse, only really showing off the rest of the toys in prototype form. Not much else on there other than Mysteron rings, copyright info and the fact you can send off for the FANDERSON club, which was the fan club for all things Gerry Anderson back in the 90s

Taking the toys out of the box and in their tray, they have their own space in it. There are 2 Angel Interceptors, an SPJ, an SPV and a Spectrum Saloon Car. We'll be taking a look at the vehicles individually as the weeks go by. Like their Matchbox counterparts they are diecast and plastic, but with sticker detailing rather than painted on. The SPV comes with 2 missiles that are tucked underneath it in their baggie. 

The set is inexpensive on the secondary market. A boxed Spectrum Command Team goes for about £20.