Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: AwelessAwesome Cosplay Helmet and Coins

A while back, I ordered a helmet from Cosplay House to finish off my Armoured Tyranno cosplay. I finally received the helmet, it was broken beyond belief. It was unfinished, still rough around the edges. The fit wasn't bad, but it wasn't what was advertised. I tried to get the helmet fixed, but in the end, it wasn't worth it. 

Anyway, here's AwelessAwesome Cosplay's helmet. The build quality on this is superb. With the cosplay house helmet, I felt like I could snap it with minimal effort, with this, it doesn't feel flimsy or weak. It's got some weight to it and strength too.

Inside the helmet, you can see that it does have some padding and does feel comfortable on the head. One thing to note as i finish this, these helmets are about £150 for a complete helmet, made, painted and shipped to your door. Turnaround is about 3 months, so a little faster than most other helmet makers. One other thing, is these are "One Size Fits Most", not so bad if you have a small head, but for those with larger heads and thicker necks, I would recommend messaging AwelessAwesome and making sure the helmet will fit you before purchasing.

As a small preview of what AwelessAwesome has lined up in the future are these Power Coins. They aren't the same size as the Legacy coins, but are the same size as the 1993 morpher coins. They come in 2 colour schemes, classic gold and antiqued much like the Legacy Morpher coins. They are to fit the Belt and Morpher that he is currently working on and you will be able to swap the coins between the morphers without needing to buy an all new belt, which will be great for cosplayers who have multiple ranger suits.