Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Bottom Series 2, Episode 5 - Holy

"Holy" aired 29th October 1992 on BBC 2 and starred:
  • Rik Mayall as Richie
  • Ade Edmondson as Eddie
  • Chris Ryan as Hedgehog
  • Steven O'Donnell as Spudgun
  • Roger Sloman as Mr. Harrison
  • Charlie Biddle as Johnny Bates
  • Tina Foley as Valerie Bates
The episode opens with Eddie asleep in bed. It's 3:30am on Christmas Morning. Richie, disguised as Santa comes in and plays Deck the Halls over a stereo. This is Richie's ritual, so this year, Eddie has a trap set up, tying him up in a noose and only letting him down when he agrees to pay £10. Santa falls to the floor and limps off. Richie comes back in wearing his striped pyjamas and ignores Eddie's protests to go back to bed. The annual gift giving commences with Richie starting work on his filled pair of tights, which actually turns out to be the contents of Christmas dinner, all individually wrapped.  Eddie doesn't have much in his child's sock. After that, they move onto their big presents. Eddie gives Richie an empty bottle of Malibu and a play telescope that features Sue Carpenter in a bikini. Richie gives Eddie a large portrait of himself, which Eddie smashes over Richie's head.

Richie bans the use of the TV until the Queen's Speech at 3pm. He then delegates the tasks in the house. He makes the dinner, while Eddie makes the flat look Christmassy. Eddie drank all the brandy, so Eddie produces his subsitute, Vodka Margerine. Richie bemoans they don't have a Christmas Tree, so Eddie unveils his Christmas Twig, which cost £16. Richie goes back to cooking and then accidentally cuts off his index finger with a cleaver. Unable to ring an ambulance, Eddie applies a tourniquet, which involves him choking Richie until he starts to lose consciousness. Eddie finds Richie's finger on the floor and then after some fun with it, they agree to have him staple it back into place. 

Eddie unveils his Christmas Twig, which has some light bulbs attached to it. He turns it on and it catches on fire. Eddie throws it outside and then shuts the window on Richie's finger. A brief fight ensues, only to be stopped by the arrival of Dave Hedgehog and Spudgun for Christmas dinner. The have a pre dinner drink of Gravy Sherry before Richie leaves to finish up the dinner. However, the potatoes have become like rocks which smash plates and the turkey has become a lump of charcoal. Richie brings out the Christmas pudding which is really good at keeping a flame, necessitating Eddie to bring in a fire extinguisher to put the flames out. Since dinner was a disaster, they retire to the drawing room. Richie starts a game of Charades, but Eddie puts a stop to it by giving them all Goldfinger and stopping the game,

Richie is called away when he hears the doorbell. Believing them to be charity collectors, he attempts to shoo them off, however, he sees a baby on the doorstep. He brings the baby inside, despite Eddie's protests and starts playing with the child. Richie realises the baby will have no family or presents on Christmas day, so they each donate a present. Spudgun donates his Terry's All Gold chocolate. Eddie donates his Frankenstein Mask and Hedgehog gives the child his new aftershave "Grrr". Richie realises this mirrors the story from the bible. "Gold, Frankenstein and Grrr." and that he's wearing a blue towel on his head, much like the Virgin Mary. Spudgun changes the baby's nappy while Hedgehog rings The Pope, who surprisingly lives in Twickenham. Eddie decides the baby won't ruin his Christmas, to which Richie berates him for.

The episode ends with Mr. Harrison, their landlord coming in to get the baby, Johnny off them. Harrison reveals that he left Johnny with them because his daughter's mother has had a heart attack and he needed to drive her to the hospital. Valerie comes into the flat and says she's going to breast feed the young Master Bates in the kitchen. Richie and Eddie look at each other and shout "MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS!"