Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Racers Indiana Jones

Disney Racers was a toyline that began in 2002 and ran up to 2005 under Disney Consumer Products. Disney Parks themselves picked up the molds and began making their own cars based on theme park attractions and Disney Characters. 

In 2009, after the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disney Parks released a car themed after Indiana Jones. The packaging is very simple, has a very generic blurred background with DISNEY RACERS on the top. The bubble itself is where the details lie. The car is visible with a large picture of Indy himself. 

The back of the box is very plain and doesn't feature any extra information on the character it#s based on, just a marketing blurb.

Out of the package, it's a sports car primarily in brown, with white and tan highlights designed to bring out the details. The cockpit of the car has a large fedora on it with some darker brown washed onto it for detailing. The front hood has a molded shirt on with bag strap. On left hand side of the car, there's a Hasbro whip stuck to the side.

The right hand side of the car is sparse of details, no sign of the trademark shoulder bag, just the strap. The dark brown simulating the jacket, has a darker wash on it as well.

The hood of the car has a small holster molded to the front. Sadly, it's not as well detailed as other parts of the car and lacks the wash that the hat, the whip and the jacket do.

The back of the car is where the details lie. Instead of a vanity plate that reads IND1 or something like that, we have a bumper sticker that has a Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, the Sankara Stones, The Holy Grail and the Crystal skull on it. 

I am lead to believe that this blue version is actually the older version of the series and the blurred background one is a more recent reissue.

They sell for about $12 in parks, but you can get them on the secondary market for £10. Overall, not a bad Hot Wheels sized vehicle. It's a great little trinket for Indiana Jones fan, disney collectors or even anyone who enjoys collecting toy cars