Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Gosei Sentai Dairanger Box Set

After the success of the Zyuranger DVD, SHOUT! announced they'd gotten the license to bring Dairanger to the States and it was very soon. At SDCC, SHOUT!'s Brian Ward showed off the first teasers of the series and then we saw the release date of November 2015. Most people were expecting the same February release date as Zyuranger. We weren't complaining. 

The DVD set itself features a similar photo to zyuranger, the fact that it has all the rangers in their civilian guises, rather than the rangers themselves. Curiously, Kou, the white ranger in Japan is present, whereas Burai was absent from the cover,

I'm not going to lie, the quality on the DVD is bad. It looks like it came straight off a VHS and was transferred without mastering again afterwards. The translation is a little off on some things, but uses the same yellow font as the previous release. There are better subs out there than this, but this is an official release, not a fansub.

It was released on 10 discs totaling 16 hours worth of content. It has all 51 episodes, but no bonus content. It also doesn't have the movie in it either, as SHOUT! were unable to license it. 

You can get the set from SHOUT! Factory direct here and will cost $53.97, plus shipping and handling charges. 

I would recommend this set because it offers a unique insight into where all the mecha, monsters and the white ranger came from in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For the price, it's not bad and the thing we need to remember is that: the more people buy it and support the set, the better chance we have of getting more official releases from SHOUT! in the future.